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Welcome! to our PC Game Search Engine

In this search engine we have 6 specification or hardware details which we require in order to search our database. We take your hardware specifications as an input and match them with our database.

All the PC games having all specifications as minimum system requirements are compared with the input. The games having Minimum system requirements less than or equal to your input values are shown to you.

Steps to search on PC Game Search Engine

Step I

Insert your graphics card name (Currently we are searching for Nvidia Graphics card only, we are adding all other graphics cards ASAP).

  • First, select the series of your graphic card in the dropdown “Select GeForce Series”. Ex. If I have Nvidia GeForce 930MX, then I will select the 900M series.
  • Once you select series the corresponding graphic cards will be shown in the “Select Your Card” dropdown. Select your card name accordingly.

Step II

Enter Graphics card memory (Video RAM) & RAM of your PC in the “Graphics Card Memory” & “RAM” dropdowns.

If you can’t find your exact RAM option then select the nearest lowest value from dropdown.

Step III

Select your current Operating System on your PC in the “Operating System (O.S.)” dropdown. Currently we have Windows O.S. only, we will add other O.S. in near future.

Step IV

Select your processor (Intel only), in the “Processor (C.P.U.)” dropdown.

Step V

At last select your available space i.e. free storage in your P.C. on which game can be installed.

We have tried to keep things simple so if you can’t find any option then select the nearest lower value. Ex. If I have 48GB available space then I will select 45GB option.

Step VI

That’s it. Hit submit to begin search, now you will get all the results matching your system requirements ordered by their release date from newest to oldest.


Currently we are in BETA state, so we have only games for Nvidia graphics card, Intel processor and windows operating system.

We are also updating our database as fast as possible. We are currently showing you results from Top 100 PC Games (Based on score).

We personally don’t rank video games on any basis.

If you loved it share it with your friends, it will mean a lot for us and they will find some amazing PC Games.

Thank You!