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11 Best PC Fighting Games Under 1GB – Highly Compressed

We all have played Tekken 3 at some point of time in our lives and we really became addicted to it. This fighting game keeps us hooked through its stunning moves, K.O.’s, and plot. So, after playing it for almost over a year it made me think “Is there any other PC Fighting Game under 1GB?”. So I did some research and found these 11 gems, well one of them is Tekken 3 so you can say 10 gems.

The first question is what are the 3 best PC Fighting Game Under 1GB? The best 3 Fighting Games Under 1GB are WWE 2K12, Brawlhalla(FREE), and Skullgirls. All of them are available on Steam and their plot details with game download links are given in their respective sections below.

I have tried each of the following games and frankly, none of them are as addicting as Tekken 3 but they are addicting in their own gameplay style. For each PC fighting game, I have listed its download size, it can be compressed or not (mentioned for each game separately). I have also given their official download links, some of them are free and some have minimal costs which you can easily pay.

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PC Fighting Games Under 1GB Size Table

Fighting Game NameSize
UFC Sudden Impact861 MB (Under 1GB)
WWE 2K12657 MB (Under 1GB)
Tekken 3350 MB (Under 1GB)
Brawlhalla (2017)400 MB (Under 1GB)
Rounds822 MB (Under 1GB)
Lethal League1 GB
Nidhogg200 MB (Under 1GB)
Rivals of Aether400 MB (Under 1GB)
Skullgirls 2nd Encore1.2 GB
Kings of Kung Fu1.3 GB
Fight Party1 GB

Player Base of PC Fighting Games Under 1GB

I have collected the genuine reviews of each fighting game under 1GB listed in this post and assembled them in a donut chart. This will help you better understand the game’s popularity and thus ease in choosing your next fighting PC game.

Note: These numbers are not exact player numbers, these are the number of reviews on different platforms i.e. Steam, Epic, Microsoft play, etc. Also, I was not able to find any reliable data on UFC Sudden Impact and Tekken 3 thus they are excluded from the chart.

But, you may consider these two games to be fairly popular and thus can consider them as your next fighting game.

Fighting PC Games Under 1GB
PC Fighting Games Under 1GB Player Base Donut Chart

Kings of Kung Fu

Steam Download Size: 1.2GB

Compressed File Download Size: 707MB

Kings of kung fu is a 2D fighter by Jae Lee Productions. Kings Of Kung Fu have a lot of similarities like the cast, techniques, and sound are cameos from classic martial arts movies. 

For martial arts film lovers, the game is a yes to play by my side.

The gameplay is pretty fun, it feels like an old-school 3D fighting game. The combos are a little bit hard to hit the opponent, sometimes the game feels lacking flow. 

This game is only available in offline mode and also in a single-player mode.

Kings of Kung Fu Gameplay

Brawlhalla (2017)

Steam Download Size: 400MB

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game by Blue Mammoth Games. Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighting game in which you knock your opponents off the stage, if you get knocked off you lose a life, and the last man standing or with the most points wins the match. The game can be played offline against AI and also online against real players. Even offline gameplay is fun to play. You get different modes, you can enter various competitions, you can do Training, tutorials and learn new moves and custom matches can also be played local and online both. 

Brawlhalla controls are super simple and easy to learn, you have light attacks, heavy attacks, throws, and triple jump ability. You also have a weapon during the match but you don’t start with a weapon, weapons spawn during the match fights, you have to quickly get to them before other players get chances to win.

Brawlhalla is a fast-paced fighting game that requires focus and skill, you have to weaken your enemies and then try to knock them out off the stage which is not as easy as it looks. The game looks like a cartoon with so many colors and with cute characters, the soundtracks and general audio have a perfect balance with the animation style of the game.

Brawlhalla Gameplay


Steam Download Size: 822MB

Rounds is a 1v1 roguelike fighting game made by Landfall. You can challenge friends or you can even play online with a random person, you both get to choose a power from some cards with three different rarities of cards, common cards to rare cards to epic cards and each card gives you a different kind of power like some gives you more health, life steal, increase your bullet size or more bouncy, some cards can turn your gun into shotgun, there are some many options to pick up. 

After you and your opponent pick up the cards the real fun starts. You both get spawned into an arena map, now your main aim is to kill your opponent by moving and jumping around in the map or firing your gun and also by using your card ability, you also have the block ability which helps you to reflect bullets right before a shot touches you. In order to win a match you have to win two fights and if you lose around you get a chance to another ability from five random cards again if you are winning constantly the opponent gets more abilities in the next round. 

I loved this game and the concept of guns and cards but if they added more variety in card ability it would be more fun to play because sometimes the cards repeat in matches.

UFC Sudden Impact

Compressed File Download Size: 861MB

UFC Sudden Impact is a fighting simulation game released in 2004. Even back in 2004, UFC Sudden Impact’s gameplay was awesome fighting machines and combat was so quick, smooth controlling, and satisfying fighting moves. UFC Sudden Impact has tons of playable modes like Arcade and Versus, Story Mode, Champion Road, and Tournament. 

In Arcade and Versus mode you select a fighter and fight CPU-controlled opponents and fight for an endless time. On versus mode, you can challenge your friend and fight against each other. 

My personal favorite is Story Mode, you can create your own fighting style, martial artist. The story starts as a street fighter and is later on found by an MMA trainer. Then the story tells you to choose one dojo out of eight, and all these eight dojos have their own fighting style and specific challenges such as combos and more. At the end of each month of training, you’re given the challenge to hit a punching bag in a limited time.

In Champion Road mode the fighter must win four wins in a row before a title match. On winning you receive a silver belt and if you continue to win more and more fights and earn a gold belt. 

Tournament mode in which you fight with eight other fighters in an elimination round. You have to win two matches to reach the final and also to win this tournament.

UFC Sudden Impact Gameplay

WWE 2K12

Compressed File Download Size: 657MB

WWE 2k12 was released in 2011 and became a game-changer for WWE games, WWE literally started a brand new series because its gameplay was so realistic and addictive for 90s kids. WWE 2k12 was way much better than smackdown vs raw 2011 no one expected the graphics to be that much great especially in close angles and cutscenes. The lightings, skins, and faces of WWE superstars look so realistic.

WWE 2k12 is a simulator of a WWE television show but the only thing I didn’t like about this game was that camera angles really messed things up during the fights for example the superstars look much farther it was like controlling them from the audience and also camera view always kept changing too frequently which was really uncomfortable.

The gameplay of WWE 2k12 was pretty good. You have better control over the player, even in the tag team match, it becomes easy for you to attack combos. In WWE 2K12 you get to play mainly 3 modes: Exhibition Mode, WWE Universe, Road to Wrestlemania.

WWE 2K12 Gameplay

Tekken 3

Compressed File Download Size: 350MB

Tekken 3 has been my personal favorite fighting game since my childhood. Tekken 3 was the first game of the Tekken series to have a third dimension with the functional side steps; this upgrade helped Tekken games to improve their graphics.

The main reason for loving Tekken 3 is its mechanics due to the introduction of 3D graphics and many new moves where possible during a fight like a sidewalk or a back dash. The hitboxes were smaller which makes the fight more realistic, also Tekken3 added back roll animation which helps you to juggle your opponent in mid-air and doesn’t even give them a chance to hit you with a single punch which can be annoying if the opponent does too you.

Throws were extremely powerful and hard to block as the throw animation was very fast and smooth. Depending on the character you choose of course you have different fighting moves but also the size of the character gives you some advantage characters like Jack or Kuma couldn’t be launched by certain moves like an uppercut or generic down forward.

Tekken 3 Gameplay

Lethal League

Steam Download Size: 1GB

Lethal League is a 2D fighting game in which up to four players can face off. In Lethal League you don’t use kicks and punches to win the match, instead, the players aim is to hit a ball that bounces around the stage, while the ball moves slowly at the start but gradually increases its speed unit the ball becomes like a built and its requires perfect timing and muscle memory to get a successful hit. After every hit by the opponent your health decreases which also depends upon the speed of the ball. 

Lethal League lets you choose different characters. Different characters can hit the ball for their own range and space and their special ability. The game may look simple and easy to play but it’s very hard to master, as the speed of the ball increases so too does your strategy also increases. 

The characters are amazing. You have a robot, an alligator, a candy man, and a jet to play with

All the characters play the same, but later you realize have gimmicks that make them special like Jet has jetpacks that help her to hover, Latch can climb on the wall, and Sanada has three jumps. A single-player story mode is available but there is no such tutorial mode for the new players. It does not provide much for singles but multiplayer games can be super exciting and fun to play.

Lethal League Gameplay


Steam Download Size: 200MB

Nidhogg is a 2D fast-paced two-player dueling game. Nidhogg also has a single-player mode, local multiplayer mode, and online multiplayer two-player mode. 

 Nidhogg is a fun game. Players can run, jump, slide, throw their swords, and fistfight. It’s a fencing game but has all kinds of all the kind of fun you would expect from something like a street fighter, with the best game movies. 

The objective is to kill and run in one direction and the mechanics are so simple that anyone can learn easily.

Nidhogg Gameplay

Rivals of Aether

Steam Download Size: 400MB

Rivals Of Aether is an indie fighting game set in a world where civil war is started by summoning the power of fire, water, air, and earth. This game is much easier and more appealing to new players also available on pc and Xbox.  

Rivals Of Aether characters have elements like fire, water, air, and earth. It’s a pixel art game, your aim is to give higher damage to your opponent and get him knocked and send them off the side of the stage. This game doesn’t have any defensive mechanics and no shields. Instead, if you attack your opponent they get stunned and you get a better chance to win.

Rivals of Aeher Gameplay

Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Steam Download Size: 1.2GB

Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game developed by  Reverge Labs and published by Autumn Games. There is a single-player story mode and arcade mode, a versus mode with local friends and online multiplayer, and lucky a training mode for the new players. 

Story mode is much like a picture storybook to me and not very interesting for me. Fighting of Skullgirls is much simpler like Marvel Vs Capcom games, this game is super crazy and with hyper combos. The training model of this game is so useful because it shows you hitboxes that will help you make strategies during a match. 

I really like the art style of Skullgirl. The characters look straight out of Japanese anime. Skullgirl has a limited character which was disappointing but there are some downloadable characters in the game.

Skullgirls encore Gameplay

Fight Party

Steam Download Size: 1GB

Fight party is an arena party fighting game in a 3D world. which supports split-screen and online multiplayer with up to 32 players and split-screen up to 8 players locally. 

This game only has only one mode to play but game developers add some mini-games which occur every few matches. In some mini-games, you have to fight for a crown that spawns on the ground during the match, a shrinking platform, or exploding platform.

In the main gameplay you will come across some items spawn during the match like a sword, a shield, or handgun and you have to collect them for more chances of winning. This is the most enjoyable party fighting game you can play with your friends.

Fight Party Gameplay

FAQ for PC Fighting Games

Which is the best PC Fighting game under 1GB available on Steam for Free?

Brawlhalla (2017) is the best PC Fighting game under 1GB that is available on Steam for free. Its download size is 400MB.

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