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11 Best PC Shooting Games Under 1GB

Want to play shooting games but your PC has no more space available? Worry not I am here with my list of 11 best PC shooting games under 1GB. These PC games have a download size of 1GB or less than 1GB. Recently we listed PC Games under 500MB now it’s time for 1GB.

There are times when we all are limited on our internet pack or on our PC’s local disk. The reason for this may be anything from being away from home, during switching between internet providers, maybe your PC hard drive got full and these are some important files that you cannot delete. There are days when we find ourselves in this position.

Now, you are in that situation and want to pass your leisure time shooting some heads but the one thing stopping you from doing this is the size limit that you can handle right now. You can either download a game less than 1GB or have space around 1GB or sometimes both conditions. So below are 11 of my best played and chosen PC shooting games that require both downloading size and disk space less than 1GB. We have also written about Kid-Friendly shooting games in case you have a little buddy with you.

Best shooting game under 1GB is?

The 5 best shooting games under 1GB are Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Left 4 Dead, I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike, Far Cry, and Total Overdose. We will discuss these games in the post further.

PC Games Under 1GB Table

PC GameSize
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero917MB
Battlefield 1942864MB
Left 4 Dead919MB
I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike743MB
Far Cry1.2GB
Call of Duty: American Rush 2647 MB
Action Alien, The Alien Wasteland562 MB
Total Overdose764MB
Return to Castle: Wolfenstein750MB
Half-Life900MB (Compressed)

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (2004)

I have always preferred my shooting games to be offline rather than online but Counter-Strike: Condition Zero came as an exception. Currently, this game is a little bit lost in time but in the past, it was a game where you get intense and heart-stopping scenarios.

Sometimes you are the last person left in your team and you have to clear the whole team in front of you to win the match. These scenarios gave an unimaginable level of suspense and thrill.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was a two-team game named terrorist and counter-terrorist. Each team has up to 8 players and a time limit was set for each round. In each round terrorists have to plant a bomb and counter-terrorist have to defuse the bomb or kill all of the terrorists before they plant the bomb.

This was the first multiplayer game I ever played with my friends in college. After this Counter-Strike: Global offensive game was also a huge success and there were many large tournaments around the world on the game.

Counter-Strike Condition Zero

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 was the most hyped game of its time. At first, everyone thought that it is another World War 2 based game but in reality, it was much more fun than that. It has some technical issues at the start but with time they were removed.

It was one of the earliest multiplayer games supporting a large number of players i.e. 64 players at a time. It has a large number of servers running around the world.

At first battlefield 1942 seem like a World War 2 game but it has elements such as the role of the player which was not fixed you can be a Sniper, Tankman, gunman, pilot anything you like. It was much more focused on the fun rather than the realistic element of the war.

Battlefield 1942

Left 4 Dead (2008)

This was the first Zombie theme-based game I ever played. It is also a first-person shooting (FPS) game in which you have to save yourself from the horde of Zombies. After this game’s release people started to say that “Zombies are the new Nazi of the game you can kill them over and over and no one will care“.

Its opening and ending always remind me of movies it has similar elements as movies. You get a poster at the starting of each scenario and an ending credit scene at the end of each scenario and also if any of the teammates are dead then you get an In memory of credit section at the end of a scenario.

There is a total of four scenarios in the game and you have to clear each one of them to complete the game. Each scenario takes approximately half an hour to clear so that makes the gameplay of overall 2 hours. Before you say that this is too short I want to suggest that you can play each of these scenarios again and again as it is a multiplayer game and every time things will be different.

Left 4 Dead

I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike (2003)

I think everyone who has ever played a first-person shooting game has played IGI at some point in time. This game required very little RAM, space, and graphics so it was perfect for a beginner in shooting games.

This was also my first FPS shooting game on my oldest PC. It has some fantabulous missions which you will definitely enjoy while playing and it is a very popular game among FTS players.

I.G.I. 2 Covert Strike

Far Cry (2004)

Far Cry played a blinder with its beauty. The game starts with you tramping the traditional briny corridors. These corridors are so common to games of the time.

You follow them only for you to emerge blinking into the gorgeous tropical sunlight with palm trees, sandy beaches, and clear ocean waters all around.

This game is an interesting open-world FPS (First Person Shooter) game. It was released by Ubisoft in 2008.

Far Cry 2004

Call of Duty: American Rush 2 (2005)

It is another World War 2 theme-based first-person shooting game. Call of Duty: American Rush 2 is an online and offline FPS genre game.

It is the second installment in the Call of Duty series, released on April 7, 2005. In the single-player game mode, you experience the whole gameplay through the perspective of four soldiers. There are a total of 27 missions in this game which contains a total of three stories.

Call of Duty American Rush 2

Action Alien, The Alien Wasteland (2015)

Even though being released in 2015 this game is graphics of 2005 the same old pixelated graphics. There are very mixed reviews for this game some people say that games have to try to be this bad and some say that it is quite entertaining so you have to try it yourself to find out the exact level of this game.

This game has dinosaur-like aliens whom you have to shoot down in various missions. They look more like lizards that have frails around their neck and run rather than any kind of alien. This one is quite funny and amusing you should try this one. This game can be downloaded under 300MB after compressing.

Action Alien

Total Overdose (2005)

You might think why this game is even on the list with such dull graphics and all. But, wait just listen, I have completed this game about 5 times till now.

This game is one of the best in its category of the action-sooting genre. The slow-motion, the gun-slinging, the explosions, chases everything is there to make your heart beat faster. 

I think the game developers have released it too early, nothing else but a remake of this game is now required.

Total Overdose System Requirements:-

SpecificationMinimum RequirementRecommended Requirement
CPU:Intel Pentium 4Intel Pentium 4 or Higher
Operating System:Windows XP / 2000Windows XP
Video Card:DirectX 9.0 compatibleGeforce FX+
Available Space:764MB764MB
Total Overdose

Return to Castle: Wolfenstein (2001)

Yep, the Nazis are back, the main villain in this game are Nazis who are experimenting on bodies to create some type of abominations. This game is also a first-person shooting game completely played inside a castle in which you have to face Nazi Enemies and some Zombie type creature.

This game is also World War 2 theme-based game so that all the Guns and scenarios are related to that time.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Hal Life (1998)

It is released by Valve Gaming company. In this game, players take the role of a scientist named Gordon Freeman. You are working in a scientific facility that is invaded by aliens now your objective is to make yourself free and kill the aliens which come in your path.

This game was very famous and has won many awards in its time. This game was able to sell 9 million copies in its first year when released. It still has a huge fan base all over the world.

Half Life

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Fear (2005)

Plyers takes the role of Paxton a psychopath. You are a trained mercenary who was instructed to lead an army of cyborg soldiers. These cyborgs are your replicas, yes you heard right replicas that means your body doubles who are built artificially.

This game’s shooting effects are really insane. It is one of the best games which has mind-blowing (literally) and out of ordinary shooting effects. When you shoot your enemy the push and a shock wave come out of your gun which looks really nice and appealing. You should try this one it is one of my favorite on the list.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Offline shooting game under 1GB?

I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike is the best offline shooting game under 1GB download size. It takes only 743MB of disk space.

Which is the best open-world game under 1GB?

Total Overdose is the best open-world game under 1GB download size. Total overdose falls in the genre of action-shooting but you can roam around and do whatever you like similar to open-world games.


I hope that I’ve helped you spend your time with a perfect and entertaining shooting game.

If you need minimum or recommended system requirements of any of the games then comment below the name I will definitely help you.

Thank You.

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