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Strangest Games on Steam: 9 Games to Play Right Now

Steam is home to a huge library of games with tasty little morsels to satiate every appetite from trekking. From fantasy blockbuster landscapes to stopping demonic babies. From sabotaging your babysitting gig through their own suicide there’s something for everyone. All I can say is this is a list of the 9 strangest games on steam that you can play right away.

Triple-A games are great but indie gems can be a blast. While you’re not going to find the next “Corner Home” or “Fire Watch” among our picks. We’ve curated a selection of some of the more weird and downright whacky offerings available.

That will have you questioning how they even came into being. Whether it’s fighting off rabid ducks with shotguns or saving the world as a pair of underpants. We’re sure you’ll find some of the best strangest games on steam to surprise and delight.

What are some weird games to play when bored?

Some of the weirdest games are Panty Party, Who’s your daddy, Duck Game, and Press X not to die. Although some game sounds doubtful, they are safe and amazing to play.

What are the top 3 free strange games on steam?

Well, it’s not fixed but for me Who’s your daddy, Panty party, and Paint the town red are top 3 on steam.

Here are 9 strangest games on Steam to make you ask why.

Strange games on steam

Who’s Your Daddy

Strangest Games on Steam No.1

This game is a must for a list of the strangest games on steam. Looking after babies is hard or so I hear. They’re squirmy curious little critters with soft squishy skulls that are drawn to dangerous objects like a moth to an inferno.

“Who’s your daddy” is a two-player competitive game that brings a nightmare of parenthood to life. As you take the role of a frazzled dad desperately trying to baby-proof the house and monitor your little baby’s vital signs.

Meanwhile, whoever takes the reins of the deranged baby has only one objective in life to end it all. Whether it’s by sipping on a bottle of bleach(yup that’s right) or finding creative ways to immolate yourself. The baby is just looking for a window of opportunity to cross over to the other side and daddy is at his wit’s end.

The game is very much geared towards playing with friends. And the devilish amongst you will love trying to outsmart whoever plays daddy. If you’ve got the misfortune to be stuck taking care of the baby good luck you’re going to need it.

Strange games

Press X Not To Die

Strangest Games on Steam No.2

This is one of the weirder entries on the list of strangest games on steam, which is something because they’re all ludicrously bizarre. Described as a live-action adventure “press X not to die” does not disappoint.

Flirt gore, violence, potential sexy times, hammy dialogue, it’s all in there. The plot is you’re one of the male militaries, an experiment went on the wrong side. Now, half of the population 28 days later is rage-filled maniacs.

Things take a turn for the bizarre when we find out that the survivors have become imbued with the power of video games. Namely pressing X and a combo of other buttons not to die to bust out some cringe kung fu moves. You can also peek at your girlfriend taking a shower after she saves you from her infected roommates.

Although, I wouldn’t advise attempting that last one if you plan on making it to the end (reason in the screenshot below). Of course, we’re not going to be getting Hollywood choreographed fight scenes complex story or Stella special effects.

Strangest games on steam

But it’s something silly indifferent. And by the time you’ve fought off a rabid clown or punch some maniacs on the nose and left them for the dead, you would have forgotten all about the notion of quality contents.


Passpartout : Starving Artist

Strangest Games on Steam No.3

If you have an artistic flair and passion for wine and baguettes, living a life of a starving artist will be right up your street. Your imagination is the limit. You can paint whatever you like providing it fits onto the canvas. Having all the painting skills of a ham-fisted gorilla who lost both of its arms and their tragic wood cutting accident.

I stuck to knock off rodents’ foodstuff and my true love of wine. When that failed to bring in the punters I went for a more direct approach. The eventual goal of the starving artist is to get recognized while critics sell paintings and have their own exhibits.

Unfortunately, my artist’s dreams never materialized after a mediocre start in life. Things are rapidly going downhill and I’m now contemplating drowning myself in a vat of red wine while writing this. The game didn’t pan out too well for me either.

Strange games on steam

My Summer Car

Strangest Games on Steam No.4

Set in Finland during the summer of the mid-90s the aim of the game is to build a car from scratch. Your summer car it’s not as easy as gluing a couple of bucket seats onto a metal frame and stapling the wheels on.

Cars are not my cup of tea, I have no idea how they’re put together. You’ll have to go out and do an honest day’s work to scrape together enough pennies to buy all of the pine air fresheners and second-hand car parts you can eat. Is that right?

Again, I’m not a mechanic. There’s an element of survival to the game with it really going all out to emulate the perils faced by a young man left home alone for the summer. You’ll be managing hunger thirst and fatigue as well as dodging the odds of psychotic NPC trying to run you off the road.

You can also get blackout drunk to engage in some good old-fashioned road rage and get out for a bit of fresh air. So with simulations go it’s pretty spot-on

panty party

Panty Party

Strangest Games on Steam No.5

Panty party is brilliant and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Perhaps I’m saying this because it appeals to my weakness for all things anime adorable or my love for a cute pair of pants.

But the story of Yurika and her sidekicks hits all of the usual anime tropes in a tongue-in-cheek brawler. I found it surprisingly enjoyable.

Eureka finds herself pitted against the evil pansy whose goal is to brainwash people into loving all pants equally. All this because underwear deserves to be loved no matter its style. It helps that there’s some robust gameplay tucked away under the layers of frivolous nonsense.

It’s about a schoolgirl who can turn into a caped pair of knickers and has been dubbed the warrior of love. Swords, laser, beams, boomerangs, and spears are at your disposal. Plus each pair of pants you defeat adds new powers to your arsenal.

There’s no denying panty party is very strange but it’s also a delightful little title. It’s definitely worth a dabble even with the high school girls and aggressive undies.

Strange games on steam

Duck Game

Strangest Games on Steam No.6

If “Super Smash Brothers” dispense with the licensed characters and move sets and replace them with a bunch of ducks and a ton of guns, duck game would be the result. 2 to 4 ducks face off against one another in a race to shoot their feathery names is to death, and it’s glorious.

You know just like real ducks there’s even a dedicated quack button. Because what is even the point of being a duck if you can’t quack. It’s fast, furious, and fun what else would you want. You can keep out your dirt with all manner of nonsensical outfits.

If the thought of confronting a flock of ducks is a bit too intimidating, I mean we’ve all been there right. Then duck game has plenty of fun platforming levels for you to navigate and non-threatening NPC ducks for you to practice.

paint town red

Paint The Town Red

Strangest Games on Steam No.7

If you’ve had a tough day at the office and want to take out some frustration. Then nothing is going to hit the spot like bashing in some brains(not of colleagues). Unfortunately, paint the town red is a melee combat game all about bludgeoning, smashing, and battering anyone and everyone.

It looks crazy and plays that way too. The aim of the game is to go nuts and click seven kinds of snot and then some out of everyone around you and that’s literally it. What dark desires and incredible bloodlust everyone has no one knows. Why is everyone one swing away from diving headlong into a fight to the death, again no clue?

If you can pick it up you can use it as a melee weapon or projectile otherwise your fists will do the job quite nicely. Pick a venue that tickles your fantasy and you can get the proceedings underway. From a ruckus in a biker bar, panic at a disco to a straight-up prison free-for-all.

You can rain chaos down and all of the other blockheaded little people around you. Unless it backfires horribly and you get backed into a corner while they pile in and brick your bones that will be painful.

Strange games on steam

Confess My Love

Strangest Games on Steam No.8

As short as it is peculiar, confess my love will have you do just that, confess your love. You have to confess your love to a classmate after school. It seems straightforward at first. Until you’ve realized that you’re stuck in a Groundhog Day. Loop playing out the same scenario over and over again trying to get the true ending. Which will take a while because there are plenty of deciding things.

You can walk right out of the classroom without acknowledging anyone. Get shot down immediately, if you prefer for a free game it really isn’t that bad. If the point was to make your evil you ate the fruitlessness of human interactions and the inevitable merry-go-round of pain a twisted circle until we slough off this mortal coil then mission accomplished.

Liza (the lady in-game) has ripped down my heart one time too many and I’ll never fall in love again but still it’s free so yay!

Strange games on steam


Strangest Games on Steam No.9

Another mindboggling entry of the list of strangest games on steam. Hard Time is kind of like paint the town red but much worse or much better depending on your point of view. You create a convict and get sent to jail where all you have to do is survive.

But considering it’s a ruddy madhouse in there you’ll be lucky not to get shanked in the first few minutes. If you don’t die you’ll be on the receiving end of some very interesting beatings. If you’ve never been knocked to the ground with a roll of toilet paper for example you’re in for a treat.

You can run errands for other inmates or just go nuts and succumb to the madness. The challenge of not dying or suck you in on the brutal beatdowns and occasional sense of purpose will keep you playing. Until Brian (character) does something dumb enough to get himself killed like reliving his high school wrestling career whose non-consenting prison guard a-hole Brian.


We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the more unusual games on Steam. Some will surprise you with just how good they are while others are well the less we know about them the better. Let us know your weirdest finds in the comments. Thank you for visiting the 9 strangest games on steam.

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