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MMO Games Major Types & Their Top 3

Massive Multiplayer Online gaming is a genre of online gaming in which generally a large number of players come together to play online. There are many types of MMO games out there. All of them are a little bit different from each other and have different playing physics and gaming environments. In this post, I’ll talk about a few of the most famous of them.

What are the different types of massively multiplayer online games? The most famous types of MMO games are Battle Arena, Open-World, Role-playing, Real-time Strategy, FPS, Racing, etc. These all have a large player base and their popularity is increasing day by day.

MMO Games Major Types List

MMO Battle Arena

MMO battle arena is that in which two or more teams fight each other on a pre-established battlefield. Generally, each player character has a different ability which helps the team to build the strategy to win around.

In the MMO battle arena, all team’s main objective is to destroy the enemy team. Teams are supported by computer-controlled units that a regular interval of time spawn during the match and move toward to destroy the enemy base which is guarded by the enemy heavenly.

If we talk about the most famous MMO battle arena game i.e. Apex Legends then, basically, in every genre, there are three paths or ways to go from one base to another. These ways are called ‘Lanes’, the three lanes are top, middle and bottom lanes. Players control a single power unit called “Hero” or “champion”, these heroes usually fall into three main categories: a tank, damage dealer, and a supporting character.

Top 3 MMO Battle Arena Game

Fall Guys Cover

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

MMO Open-World Game

MMO open-world games use virtual world game machines so that players can explore freely. Open world objectives are not set in a set format or can only be completed in three or four ways. An open arena gives you many ways to achieve the objective in a more creative way.

Open world game’s major challenge is to balance the freedom of the player and also provide a great storyline to the players. Some games don’t allow or don’t provide an entire map of the game so that players prefer to complete the missions and don’t lose interest.

Top 3 MMO Open-World Game

MMO Role-Playing Games

MMO Role-playing game is a game in which players presume the role of a fictional character in a fictional world. MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) are special in many ways and they are the most popular MMOs.

Small multiplayer online RPGs by the nonstop gaming even when the player is not online and also by the large number of players interacting with each other. MMORPGs games mostly feature communication between the players and at some point requires teamwork like protecting other players from enemy damage.



Final Fantasy XIV Online

The Elder Scrolls Online-min

The Elder Scrolls Online

Bless Unleashed Cover

Bless Unleashed

MMO Real-Time Strategy Games

MMO Real-time Strategy Games is a subgenre of strategy video games that do not progress step by step or in turns but allow all the players to play all together. Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) is the mix of real-time strategy and resource execution.

The main objective of these games is to maintain resources during a war and build an army, players sometimes take on the role of a king or a general and lead an army. Generally, their games are set up in a fictional world or a sci-fi universe.

These type of games generally doesn’t require high system hardware and are perfect for low-end PC.

Top 3 MMO Real-Time Strategy Games


Age of Empires II

Total War WARHAMMER II-min

Total War: Warhammer II

MMO First Person Shooter

The MMO first-person shooter is a subgenre of shooter games that mainly focuses on guns based combat from a first-person perspective. Massive multiplayer online first-person games( MMOFPS) is the mixture of first-person shooter and massively multiplayer online game in which a large number of players combat and interact in a virtual world.

MMOFPS games are real-time online games in a huge arena world that features a large number of players spawned at the same time and take part generally in a deathmatch. These games allow solo combat and team-based combat. MMOFPS games are fast-paced games in general that require more skill than player statistics.


MMO Sports

The MMO sports video game is a simulator of a particular sport in a virtual world. Real-world sports games are created in the virtual world like extreme sports, team sport, track and field sport, combat sport, etc.

Some video games focus on actually playing a sport like a game of soccer but some stress sports management (we will talk about it as a separate category). Massive multiplayer online sports games genre where players compete in some of the major popular traditional sports games like football, hockey, basketball, or American football.

Online matches take place in real-time, which requires both skills and statistics in order to score more during a match.

Top 3 MMO Sports Games

Golf With Your Friends COver

Golf With Your Friends

Russian Fishing Cover

Russian Fishing

F1 2020 cover

F1 2020

MMO Racing

MMO racing video games are a video game type in which players participate in the racing competition. These games are based on real-world championships in a fictional world. Racing games also fall in sports video games.

Massive multiplayer online racing games (MMORG) presently have a small number of multiplayer racing games. These games take place in real-time where players need to be focused and use their skills during a race. Some MMORG is based on realistic physics and others are more racing-based than any other aspect of gaming.

Top 3 MMO Racing Games

NFS Heat Cover

Need For Speed Heat

F1 2020 cover

F1 2020

raceroom racing experience cover

Race Room Racing Experience

MMO Rythm/Music Games

Also known as MMO Dancing Games. Rhythm Game or Rhythm action games are music theme-based action games that dare the player’s rhythm senses. Players need to press buttons in a chain that appears on the screen.

The games are based on the musical instrument simulation or some dance-based game in which players need to physically dance on a digital mat. Massively multiplayer online music/rhythm games where players control avatars and compete from toe to toe. Rhythm games require special input devices like mats, drums, etc. to have a more realistic feel.

Top 3 Rhythm/Music MMO Games

ragnarock cover


avicii inventor cover

AVICII Inventor

fredric the resurection of music cover

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

MMO Management Games

The MMO Management Games as the name suggests giving players full control over what they want to do. In these games generally, you have to build something, someplace and then nurture it. The best example of this type of MMO game is Dungeons 3. In this game, you have to build your village and army, with the help of the resources you have collected you have to face other players in real-time online battles.

A player’s chances to win depend upon how much they have spent on acquiring resources and strengthening themselves. All this is showed by levels of characters and resources.

Top 3 MMO Management Games

dungeons 3 cov

Dungeons 3

Factorio cover



Rim World

MMO Survival Games

The MMO Survival Games are a subgenre of action video games, usually in an open-world environment. You began with minimum resources and you have to craft tools, weapons, and collect resources from the environment.

In online survival games players interact with each other, online players don’t really have a specific goal, or an objective player’s aim is just to survive. You take damage if you starve, are thirsty for a period of time, fall, fire, or poison.

Survival games feature crafting as their special feature, players collect material from the surroundings and combine them to make weapons and tools. There is no guide for crafting, player’s test, and trying to combine resources.

Top 3 MMO Survival Games

MMO Open World Games

The MMO Open World games are one of the most popular MMO. These games give freedom to the players to roam openly in the gaming environment. Most of the games under this category have very vast maps and the degree of interaction with the gaming environment.

TheseMMOOWG games also have very lengthy gameplay and missions. Also, you can either do the missions continuously or take a side stroll and explore the city and environment. These games give a different level of freedom to the players, and this makes them very popular in the gaming community.

Top 3 MMO Open World Games (MMOOWG)

Fallout 76 Cover

Fallout 76


Final Fantasy XIV Online

MMO Card/Board/puzzle Games

Puzzle video games shape up a board game genre of video games that highlights puzzle solving. Puzzle games test your problem-solving skills which also include logic, words, and order solving.

Top 3 MMO Puzzle Games

tabletop simulator

Tabletop Simulator

uno cover


governer of poker 3

Governor of Poker 3

MMO Turn-Based Strategy

An MMO turn-based Strategy game is a strategy game, mainly a war game where players get turns one by one, some board games are turn-based like chess. Turn-based games depend upon the tactics of the player.

In massively multiplayer online turn-based games players analyze the situation before performing any move. Turn-based games are distinguished by the belief of the player to complete a task by using combat troops given to them, by offering them a realistic characterization of military tactics and operation.

Top 3 MMO Turn-Based Strategy Games

age of conquest 4 cover

Age of Conquest IV

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6-min

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Total War WARHAMMER II-min

Total War: Warhammer II

MMO Simulation Games

The MMO Simulation games outline various super categories of video games mainly designed close to a real-world simulation activity. Simulation games try to copy several activities of the real world in a virtual world.

Simulation games allow players to do things freely. These games are developed for training, analyzing, and also entertainment. Simulations have many sub-genres like life simulators where players live and experience one or more artificial life in a virtual world, management simulators in which players get limited resources and their objective is to grow a firm or a project, etc.

Top 3 MMO Simulation Games

drone racing league cover

The Drone Racing League Simulator

War Thunder

War Thunder

starbase cover


FAQ on MMO Games

Which is the best MMO FPS game?

The best MMOFPS game is Apex Legend. It is basically a battle royale game with more than 50 players at a time on a single map.

Which is the best MMO racing game?

The best MMO racing game is the Need For Speed Heat. In this game, players can race with other players online and compete with each other.


I have talked about most of the important MMO games out there, but still many of them are left. If any of your favourites is skipped then tell me about it in the comment section I’ll be happy to add it to the list.

Thank You.

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