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10 Best K-Pop Rhythm Games For PC | Latest Games

We all have played Rhythm games, but sometimes we are in the mood of listening or playing these rhythm games on specific music. Similarly, K-Pop is one of the most listened to genres nowadays, and playing rhythm games based on these songs is another thing that we would like. But, finding these games is a little bit difficult, so after lengthy research, I’ve gathered the 10 best K-Pop rhythm games that can be played on PC in some way or another.

Which is the best K-Pop rhythm game? The best K-pop rhythm game is AudioSurf 2, this game allows you to use your own tracks. So you can use any song while playing the game. It also builds the platform/track according to the beats of the song you have selected. There are other nine games to look out in the list, they are amazing in their own way.

K-Pop Rhythm Games For PC | Best List

Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf 2 takes your music and generates the gameplay according to it this feature makes it one of the best K-Pop Rhythm games on the list. Its graphics are really cool I mean the colors the effects and everything it’s a very submerging rhythm game.

Its gameplay includes two types of blocks one is that you have to collect and the other is that you need to avoid. These blocks are represented in a very cool way, the collecting lock is actually based on the rhythm of the music and glows in some color according to the environment while another type of block is a simple transparent block with just white outlines.

The idea is to collect the blocks and fill all three meters to open up the power booster and continue with the level. If you hit the white block you will lose some of your collected blocks. Gameplay is pretty easy to understand and fluid with motions. You should definitely try this rhythm game with your K-Pop top charts.

AudioSurf 2 Gameplay-min
AudioSurf 2 Gameplay Screens


At first, when anyone searches about OSU they will generally see an anime poster with some dot’s and that’s the point where they label it as a web game and don’t look any further. OSU is a free game developed by an Australian developer named Dean Herbert. It is based on a Nintendo Game known as “Osu Tatakae Ounendan” and thus the name OSU.

The gameplay is very simple yet exciting. You have to choose a song and then circles will appear on the screen at random places according to the beat of the music. You have to use the mouse to point the circle and keys to select when the circle flashes, the more accurate you are more points you get.

The sheer number of music titles available for selection is mind-blowing. They also include all of the famous K-Pop music titles and thus it makes OSU one of the best K-Pop Rhythm Games for PC deserving first position.

OSU Gameplay-min
OSU Gameplay Screens

Pump It Up

If you like Rhythm games, if you like K-pop, and if you want to look cool in front of your friends then this game is for you. This game is not completely playable on a simple PC you may need some attachment like a small Dance Floor but with this single piece of attachment, you will enjoy this game to its fullest. Although you can play without this dance floor, you can play an emulated version of it on a PC.

You may have seen guys Jumping On Dance pad with lights on them in front of a screen on which a song is being played. It looks very cool and sometimes people just look at you leaving everything aside. This game is also said to be a remake of a DDR which stands for Dance Dance Revolution, let me clarify this although this game seems very similar to DDR but it’s not, it’s very different in several aspects.

The latest version of this game is known as Pump It Up XX which is released on the 20th anniversary of the game

Pump It Up Gameplay-min
Pump It Up Gameplay Screens


mStar is mainly focused on socializing it is a multiplayer online dancing Rhythm game in which you can play with your 2 friends together. In this game, you have to press keys according to the buttons shown on the screen and your character will perform dance moves in a very soothing way.

It’s one of the best Rhythm games on which there are many K-pop tracks which you can enjoy with your friends. Its fluidity is very smooth and sometimes you will forget that you are playing in a game. There are also small quests that you can complete in the game like talking to strangers and doing face-to-face battles with other players. These are pretty small quests but give a nice touch to the game.

mStar Gameplay-min
mStar Gameplay Screens


Audition is another dancing Rhythm game in which you can show your skills with your friends. In this game, you can play with two friends doing dancing battles with other groups, and performing in front of judges.

You get points according to your moves performed you have to press keys according to the arrows shown on the screen and if performed correctly then your character will show amazing dance skills. One of my most favorite titles from this game is Haru Haru you can also find many K-pop titles on this game tell me your favorite song from this game in the comments box below.

Audition Gameplay-min
Audition Gameplay Screens


Stepmania is a rhythm game that you can play with the dance pad or with the help of a keyboard on a PC. It has several gaming options like the single, couple, Versus, solo, double, and routine you can select any one of them according to your liking.

After you select the mode, the choice of music title will open up you can select any according to your liking it has many famous titles of K-pop music. After selecting the music you can select difficulty level. The gameplay is very similar to the other Rhythm games in this also you have to follow up the keys shown on the screen with the help of your keyboard and if performed correctly you will get some points which you can use to compete with the leaderboard players.

Stepmania Gameplay-min
Stepmania Gameplay Screens


Beat MP3 is a free-to-play iOS-based Rhythm game but with every free game, there are ads. The number of ads in this game is really frustrating as just in the starting they show 3-4 video ads and you can’t even see the price of purchasing the pro version without signing in.

Putting this aside this game doesn’t have any inbuilt music titles but take your library’s songs. That’s one of the very good points of this Rhythm game although this free version doesn’t allow you to sort the music according to your liking, every time you have to scroll through the list and select your favorite title. They allow this feature in the pro version.

After selecting your favorite title it allows you to do some customization. It gives you the choice of tile lines which range from 4 to 6 if you are on an iPhone then you can select 4 lines that are fairly comfortable to play and if you have an iPad then you can select 6 lines which will give you more thrill. It also has difficulty level and speed level options. By seeing some ads you get some coins that are used in selecting a new track. It only takes a few coins for each track you play and it is understandable for a free Rhythm game.

BEAT MP3 Gameply-min
BEAT MP3 Gameplay Screens

DJMax Technika

Under the arcade option of this game, there are many gaming modes that you can select from. Examples of the modes are star mixing which is basically easy, pop mixing which is the medium mode, and club mixing which is harder than both of the earlier ones. Aside from these three modes, there is freestyle mode in this song’s keep on coming one after another and you will play until you lose.

After selecting a gaming mode and then your music title the gameplay starts. In DJMax Technica the screen divides into two parts and circles appear on the screen. Now you will notice a blue glowing vertical bar that moves from one end of the screen to another and as it touches the circles have to tap them. If you keep on taping correctly you will keep on proceeding in the game otherwise your game will be over and your score will be displayed. You can also connect to the internet and compare your score with the other players to the leader board or you can completely play it offline.

BTS Universe Story

Well, this one is actually not a game but a story mode game. In this, the whole story of BTS is shown from the start to the current position. I’m not that much of a BTS fan but some of you may so I stumbled upon this during researching about the best K-Pop rhythm games for PC and thought to include this in the list.

It includes everything about BTS their individual startings, how they became a band, starting from first to recent albums of course with the tracks of those albums. What they were when they were not in the band and everything. Every BTS fan should pay this once to know about their idols more.

BTS Universe Story Gameplay-min
BTS Universe Story Gameplay Screens

SuperStar Series (Mobile)

This series can be easily titled “Holy Title of Rhythm Games”. This series contains many rhythm games some of the most famous of them are SMTown, BTS, JYP Nation, Pledis, Starship, Wollim, etc. All these titles are best amongst themselves.

The one you should specifically look for is Superstar BTS and Superstar SMTown. These rhythm games contain almost all of the famous K-Pop songs which you will like to have on a rhythm game.

The gameplay is similar to the other rhythm games i.e. pads will appear according to the rhythm of the track selected and you have to tap and drag on them. The more accurate you are the more points you will get. Compete with your friends or on the leaderboard.

SuperStar SMTown Gameplay-min
SuperStar SMTown Gameplay Screens


Which is the best K-Pop rhythm game for PC?

The best K-Pop rhythm game for PC is AudioSurf 2. In this, you can add your own songs and the game will build the game track according to the music.

Which is the best rhythm game to play with your friends?

mStar is the best rhythm game to play with your friends. You can play this game with two of your friends and show your moves to each other.


I hope that you have found your next K-pop game through the help of our list of K-Pop rhythm games. Some (two) of the games in the list are for mobiles only but you can run them on PC with the help of emulators like BlueStacks, etc.

Share your thoughts about the games in the comments section below. Share with your friends to double your enjoyment. Thank You.

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