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11 Best PC Fighting Games Under 300MB – Highly Compressed

Fighting games for PC are the best multiplayer and single-player games to play with your friends. They give a rush of excitement while kicking the butts of other players. But unfortunately, most of them are large in size and the ones which are low in size are not that much fun. I was also in the same situation a few months ago. So, after a lot of searching and gameplay, I came up with these 11 Fighting Games Under 300MB for PC.

Which is the best fighting game under 300MB for PC? The best 3 fighting games under 300MB for PC are Tekken 3, Brawlhalla, and Stick Fight: The Game. All these games are around 300MB download size and have their unique fighting and gameplay styles. There are other 8 games on the list that are worth looking for.

PC Fighting Games Under 300MB List

Gaming TitleSize
Tekken 3275MB ( Under 300MB )
Nidhogg200MB ( Under 300MB )
Brawlhalla350MB ( Compressed Under 300MB )
Stick Fight: The Game400MB ( Compressed Under 300MB )
Wrestling Empire200MB ( Under 300MB )
Rivals of Aether300MB
Kandidatos180MB ( Under 300MB )
Punch Club500MB
Toribash200MB ( Under 300MB )
Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight200MB ( Under 300MB )
Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow500MB

PC Fighting Games Under 300MB: Player Base

Well selecting between these 11 fighting games could also be a tough job, so I’ve collected reliable data from official websites about their player data. Although I couldn’t get the exact player count for each game thus I have taken Player reviews as comparison data.

Still, these numbers can give you a fair idea of the popularity of the game. (I wasn’t able to get any reliable data for Tekken 3 but still, it is one of my personal favorites and quite a popular game.)

Fighting PC Games Under 300MB (Review Chart)
Fighting PC Games Under 300MB (Review Chart)

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PC Fighting Games Under 300MB 01/11


This game is a 2D fast-paced pixelated fighting game. The goal is passed from one screen to another and when you win the winner would be eaten by the giant master Nidhogg. It is one of the simplest design games but has tons of ways to play and that is the best thing that has made it to play. This game is about skill and when this game provides simple tactics with high spring to play which makes it a special specification about the screen.

It has online, offline both with single and multiplayer fighting gameplay styles. In this game, you can flip, jump and kick adjust the sword according to the height so we can say that there is n number of ways to kill the enemy. This game has its graphic is of today simply color in on which make it look like Prince of Persia this game is the best tournament game launched if you really want to play you can play.

Nidhogg Gameplay
Nidhogg Gameplay Screens

PC Fighting Games Under 300MB 02/11


Brawlhalla is a 2D-style plating game with a slight touch of cartoon fantasy. One can play these games online or offline with certainly up to 8 members. They have characters up to 40 and each character has different and unique specifications which are similar to one another. All the characters can be played on a weekly rotation with each unlocking of the game by currency or by the lifeline.

This game is substantially a fun game whenever playing in a group or single one can be bored up if one is looking for more than a super smashing but the appealing thing about this game is is that how each character has a unique style of smashing which makes them unique and enjoyable to play.

Brawlhalla Gameplay
Brawlhalla Gameplay Screens

PC Fighting Games Under 300MB 03/11

Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is considered to be one of the best fighting games. It is considered to be the flagship of the original PlayStation. It was released in the sequel of the original released in 1998. This game is a button combination with and swinging combination. In order to become fluent with combinations, you were needed to play a bit longer to understand the key combination.

Its compatibility is good as it can be played over PC and all PlayStation releases. This game has an unlimited lock and key design it is advanced in many terms as the characters of the game are advanced and have multiple fighting settings from the parent. It is one of the games which goes into the fully 4 dimensions with functional key steps and shows up-gradation from Tekken 2. If you are interested in fighting games then this game is easy to play and cheap on PlayStation to play.

Tekken 3 Gameplay
Tekken 3 Gameplay Screens

PC Fighting Games Under 300MB 04/11

Stick Fight: The Game

It is an online game with multiplayer one can play this game by punching or stabbing and many more. I can say in many ways the gameplay itself is very good and highly entertaining.

Desynchronization is an issue with this game which is being arisen only when play for a long period of time. One of the major issues is that in some of the levels when players fall they got stuck in the platform but all bugs can be removed with the enhancement of the game with time.

Stick Fight The Game Gameplay
Stick Fight The Game Gameplay Screens

Wrestling Empire

The Wrestling Empire game is a successor of the Nintendo 64 wrestling game. This game provides a graphics experience that looks like a 2000’s flash game. The image is in such a way that it made us feel that one is playing in a movie.

This game has infinite rules, one can have a match that ends when someone starts to breathe or gets smashed through the table. The game has a lot of match options as one can have a single match, Tag Team, 4-way elimination, and many more. The game in itself isn’t super polished but is a lot of fun if one is a fan of N-64, if one’s choice is smashing definitely should try this game.

Wrestling Empire Gameplay
Wrestling Empire Gameplay Screens

PC Fighting Games Under 300MB 06/11

Rivals of Aether

Rivals of Aether is a multiplayer game with the smashing tactic within a single direction motion of the character. In this game when the Rivals win the game, he gets armor and other things as a victory symbol.

In Rivals of Aether, the simple characters which after winning turn out into a tough Complex mechanism. Each character has a tool that makes them an inane punishing machine. Every character has a unique style and tactics which makes them balanced and also enjoyable at the same time this game is easy to play with multiple smashing tactics and can like this game who so ever loves smashing.

Rivals of Aether Gameplay
Rivals of Aether Gameplay Screens


Kandidato is a Lithuanian word meaning Candidate and as per its meaning, the game is pretty similar. You have to select your candidate from 10 candidates for a fighting tournament. These candidates are inspired by real-life Brazilian political candidates.

This game has 4 types of gaming modes and the most popular of them are story mode and online player V/S player battles. Apart from the Brazilian candidates it also has a gameplay environment based on the Brazilian political campaigns. Overall it is a good fighting game under 300MB for your PC.

Kandidatos Gameplay
Kandidatos Gameplay Screens

PC Fighting Games Under 300MB 08/11

Punch Club

Punch Club game is a combination of life management and deep settling game with an RPG setting. This game contains some basic daily chores like hitting the gym, grocery shopping, and eating lunch doing all the daily works outside the game. The background works i.e., micromanagement of the daily chores in order to increase the stats in this game one can increase their stats by increasing gyming and looking over the relationship rather than fighting.

The daily chorus and the other management with the same rhythm make it’s boring and monotonous to play. In order to increase stats, one needs to enhance the side skills that is happiness, energy, and other side skill. In this game, they have the best mixed martial arts tactics to play which make it fun and enjoyable at the same time to play in the long run.

Punch Club Gameplay
Punch Club Gameplay Screens


Toribash is an online single and multiplayer game. This is a highly energetic game that starts with a lengthy tutorial and also with the adjustment of the body parts where you can do all the fighting tactics very efficiently. This game is very fun as all the body part is spread out with the splashing of the blood from the body. When the player playing with a single it provides a fight at a different joint while playing with the multiplayer it provides 10 seconds to decide the move you want against the opponent.

Toribash has a very nice cinematic graphic which makes it enjoyable well as after each play the game reverse back and replay and show all the moves that have been carried by the player against the opponent. In this game, everything depends upon the opponent as you have to score at each level and have to fight in a way that the opponent falls or touches the ground through anyways. It’s a fresh appealing and entertaining game to play.

Toribash Gameplay
Toribash Gameplay Screens

PC Fighting Games Under 300MB 10/11

Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight

This game has a fantastic art design which is the best and the appealing thing about this game. The animation is also cute with every character being brought up with a lot of detail the highs of this game are the highest whereas its lows are the lowest. This game is carried in the priest land name Kaho which is under the curse and this can only be removed by killing the queen.

This game provides the map as a guideline to give clarification for the fighting tactics and also provides a free form of exploration. The major drawback of this game is that there are very few upgrades in the expanding area where is very hard to reach. The more ability you get is air bash and more fast style transformation which helps to run another dimension but is required very less which make it clueless for the player to play. If anyone is interested in killing and loves the animation one should try this game.

Momodora Reverie Under The Moonlight Gameplay
Momodora Reverie Under The Moonlight Gameplay Screens

Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow

It is a unique fighting game that includes several other gaming genres in itself. It can also be easily categorized as a Beat’em Up fighting game under 300MB. This game is a mixture of RPG, Simulation, and Arcade. It includes everything a karate disciple must do in order to become a fierce karate master.

It includes working out, fighting with bears (I don’t know if real disciples do this or not but, this game takes you one step ahead), challenging other NPC fighters, and earn yourself a name and open your own dojo.

This journey entangles you both emotionally and mentally, I really loved it. You should also try this fighting game once.

Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow Gameplay
Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow Gameplay Screens


Which is the most popular fighting game under 300MB?

Brawlhalla is the most popular fighting game under 300MB. It is a 2D fighting game available for FREE on steam, at the time of editing it had more than 240,500 unique reviews which show its popularity.

Which is the best online multiplayer fighting game under 300MB?

Brawlhalla is the best online multiplayer fighting game under 300MB. In this game, you can play online with up to 8 players at a time.

Name the best offline fighting game under 300MB?

The best offline fighting game under 300MB is undoubtedly TEKKEN 3. This game has both arcades as well as Player Vs Player gaming modes.


Thus this concludes our best 11 fighting games under 300MB. Almost all of them are already under 300MB but some of them are a little bit above the mark but they can be downloaded under 300MB by looking for their compressed version.

If you have any questions regarding their system requirements you can ask in the comment box or visit our System Requirement page.

Thank You.

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