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Are Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads Worth It – Full Analysis

You bought a new gaming laptop, dragged your chair, and sat down to play some high graphic demanding games. After half an hour to 1 hour of gameplay, you could smell something odd and feel warmth around your laptop. Everything looks right but something is bugging you, your gaming laptop’s temperature was going higher, and the more you play the more the temperature rises.

Now, you stopped the game and searched on the Internet “How to cool down a gaming laptop while playing high graphic games“. Some blogs suggested cooling pads but you are getting skeptical whether to use these cooling pads or not. You are thinking about whether they are worth buying or not. So to clear your every thought here we are to give your detailed explanation of these cooling pads.

Are gaming laptop cooling pads worth it?

We experimented and we found that without a cooling pad the temperature was around 73-76 celsius range and with a cooling pad it was between 68-72 celsius. Thus, cooling pads are totally worth their money.

To check whether cooling pads have any effect or not we conducted this experiment on our i7 Processor gaming laptop with GTX 1060 Ti. We noticed the temperature around 73 to 76 degrees Celsius without a cooling pad the temperature fluctuated between these two digits. With the cooling pad, we got a number around 68 to 72 degrees celsius.

So we can clearly see that the cooling pad has a good effect and it brings down the temperature to around 5 degrees Celsius which is quite good. This drop of 5 degrees helps us to keep our laptop components in good shape and in this way cooling pads pay for themselves in the long run.

In the post further we will tell you about the cooling pad we used and one other top-selling cooling pad which can be helpful for you. We will also talk about the experiment we performed and how It helped us determine the cooling pads’ worthiness.

But first, let’s talk about how laptop cooling pads actually work.

Working of Cooling Pads

The procedure on which cooling pads work is very fundamental. The cooling pads work in two ways first is they throw air with the help of their fans. The second is that they make room for better air circulation on the gaming laptop.

Cooling pads have large fans that suck air from the lower gap and throw it on the laptop’s base. This in general is supposed to bring down temperature. Here applies the rule of thumb that the more the number of fans lower will be temperature.

It also elevates the base of the laptop and provides space for better air circulation. They have porous or meshed surfaces which allow the travel of air freely apart from the fan area.

holes cooling pad
Porous Surface for Better Air Flow
Fan Area cooling pad
Fan Area beneath Porous Surface

Experiment we Performed

I used Havit HV-F2056 cooling pad which is perfect for 15.6″ – 17″ gaming laptops. For data recording, I used AIDA 64 diagnostics software, and last our laptop was an ASUS gaming laptop with an i7 processor and GTX 1060 Ti as the graphics card.

First of all, I cleared the ventilation ducts of the laptop for any stray dust particles or clogging. I didn’t want to have any outer interference in our experiment. (Image of my older laptop is attached below. To make clear I didn’t perform tests on this one, this picture is only to indicate a clogging problem)

My Laptop Cleaning
My older ASUS Laptop with Dust accumulation (Red Circle)

This should also be done from time to time as clogging of vents causes a restriction in airflow. When air cannot move freely in and out of your gaming laptop then the result is obvious i.e. it will start heating up. Sometimes by only timely maintenance, you could protect your laptop from heating.

This also causes increased battery drainage problems which eventually result in battery malfunctioning.

See other gaming laptop battery drainage-related problems.

I performed the same tasks on both conditions i.e. with and without a cooling pad. We kept the testing time around 15 minutes to have better and reliable results.

  • Without Cooling Pad
    • Without a cooling pad, we noticed temperature fluctuation around 73 oC to 76oC, averaging a little bit above 74 oC. (Image attached below).
without pad
Without Cooling Pad Temperature Test
  • With Cooling Pad
    • On performing the same tasks with our cooling pad we noticed a fluctuation in temperature in the range of 68 oC to 72 oC, averaging 69 oC.

This means that our gaming laptop cooling laptop helped in bringing down the temperature by 5 oC. Although this drop in temperature is not much but this could also improve our component’s life significantly.

This minimal decrease in temperature could be also associated with the small openings underneath the laptop which allowed small insertion of air at a time. With gaming laptops with more openings for air intake, we recorded temperature drops up to 13 oC.

So the working of the gaming cooling pad also depends upon your laptop’s air intake pattern.

Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads Pros & Cons

Cools down the laptop.Not best for laptops having no under the vent. (i.e. they have air vents in their sides)
Simple working.Large and bulky.
USB powered.
Could be powered through a laptop or externally.

Best Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads

While choosing cooling pads there are few things that you should look for.

First, you have to decide a clear use for it like you are going to use it for a normal laptop or gaming laptop. If you are going to use it for a normal laptop then cooling pads with single fans are enough.

In these single fan cooling pads, fans are big and located in the center of the pad. Some of them come with RGBs also but they don’t have any use. RGB is only for the show.

Best Single Fan Cooling Pad For Normal Use Laptop

Mente Dual USB

  • It is light and stylish.
  • have a single big fan located in the center of the pad.
  • Three-step height selector or elevation.
  • Two way USB for power, this way you don’t have to lose one USB slot. (Best Feature)

Best Multiple Fan Cooling Pad For Gaming Laptop

Now, if you want to play heavy graphics games on your laptops for 2 to 3 Hrs. daily then you should prefer a gaming laptop cooling pad. These pads come with multiple fans located at different key points on the pad which allows a consistent cooling effect all over the base of the laptop.

I will attach two pads one with three fans and the other with five fans. You should go with three fan cooling pads if you plan on playing games for 2 to 3 hrs daily.

Go for a 5 fan cooling pad if you want to play for more than 3 Hrs. daily, because it is a premium one and has the best effect in all the cooling pads I have seen.

Havit HV-F2056 (3 Fans)

This cooling pad comes from a premium company and is one of the best mid-range cooling pads out in the market. It is sturdy with solid built. I’m using it myself and I can say that it will last for a long time.

  • It is lightweight.
  • Three fans located in a triangular shape to cover more area.
  • All the fans have RGB (Blue color only).
  • Have multiple USB ports for more connectivity.

TopMate C5

This cooling pad has 4 ratings out of 5 with a total of 1140 ratings given on amazon.

TopMate C5 Features.

  • It has 5 height adjustment options.
  • It has 6 Modes and RGB options (On/Off).
  • 3 Buttons and a display are given on the front.
  • Speed controller and power buttons in the front.


Which is the best cooling pad for laptops in India?

The best cooling pad for a gaming laptop in India is TopMate C5.

What are some gaming laptop cooling pad pros and cons?

Some common pros of the cooling pad are that it saves money in the longer run by increasing the lifespan of other parts through saving them from heat. One con can be that they don’t work that much for laptops with side air vents and no lower air vents.

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