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Skyrim Builds The Best 6 | Don’t Miss Number 3

The elder’s Scroll V Skyrim has removed most of its limitations. It gave you the power to build your own character and choose your style of playing this game. But as you know with great power comes great responsibility with this freedom we are baffled with all the options and for a novice player, there are too many options to choose from. A new player is mostly confused with which Skyrim builds he should proceed in the game.

Well, one simple way to move forward is to choose different styles of playing. With time you will get to understand which type of build is best for you. This path is ok till you are new to this game. Because in starting all the types of Skyrim builds have similar playstyle. The main problem comes when you have to choose perks for your character.

Well in our view you should avoid choosing a build that excels in every skill set. Instead, you should go for a build that has a specific character set to play with. Now let’s talk about the Skyrim builds that we get in the game. We will first name our favorites in a list then we will talk about them in the post in further detail.

These Skyrim builds are not ranked, these are selected according to popularity.

  1. Vampire Hunter
  2. Bandit
  3. The Templar
  4. The Monk
  5. Paladin
  6. Bone Lord

Skyrim Builds No. 01/06

6. Vampire Hunter

Vampire Hunter Skyrim Builds

This imperial was born for the job his name suggests. Growing up in Cyrodiil his family were members of the order of the virtuous blood. Despite their shortcomings, the Vampire Hunter has been dedicated to ridding the world of vampires.

This build combines restoration magic with archery and he does so while looking incredibly fearless. He is constantly shrouded in light and he fires glowing sun hallowed elven arrows from orioles bow. Destroying vampires and bringing the might of the Sun to the dark holes they hide themselves in.

As a vampire hunter, he’ll be spending a lot of time in the darkness and it’s here where his sun-powered arrows look so holy. He plays like a ranged tank using alteration flash spells for armor rating along with his already sturdy thorn Guard armor.

Aura gives that glowing aesthetic to top it all off and gives you an instant advantage against melee attacking foes in the depths of any vampire lair.

Skyrim Builds No. 02/06

5. Bandit

Bandit Skyrim Builds

The bandit draws inspiration from all the Coogee highwaymen you’d see in Oblivion. Yeah, the guys who try to take your gold only to be slain. But our bandit has traveled to Skyrim and whilst he was successful in Cyrodiill he stumbled upon one of the sweetest hills of his criminal life.

The backstory for the Bandit is as follows. The Bandit operated within Cyrodiil and tried his luck at everything from trafficking, stolen goods, robbery, trespass, arson, prison escape, and being a highwayman. He was relatively successful he thrived in the years preceding the great war looting battlefields and taking advantage of any war-torn refugees he could find.

He then traveled to Skyrim as he heard of the Civil War and thought to do the exact same thing. Of course, he was apprehended on the border and taken to Helgen where he escaped and fled Falkreath. Having no weaponry the Bandit was forced to stealthily rob the blacksmith and complete many bounty missions for some coins.

Eventually becoming more skillful and quietly robbing many houses in Falkreath. He was eventually looked at as untrustworthy by the town’s citizens. No one could prove he had done anything but it was sort of obvious. So he tried to prove he was trustworthy and then he could steal a bit more from them.

He then finds his mission to travel everywhere and find something more vulnerable. He offered to find the lost dog for the town and finding barbers.

The skills for the Bandit are two-handed, heavy armor, sneaks, and lock pick.

Skyrim Builds No. 03/06

4. The Templar

Templar Skyrim Builds

Templar is a godly shield basher. She joined the Templar order of Oriel after the Oblivion crisis. She joined to prevent the danger from ever being able to rise up as they had during the crisis. Growing up in such turmoil fueled her fiery hatred for all things daedric and foul.

It is quite literally fiery she ironically uses the unique Daedric artifact known as “Dawnbreaker” because it allows her to burn her foes alive killing all the undead in her path. While it is Daedric in origin she sees it as fighting fire with fire. If you look into the law of meridia who you acquire this Daedric artifact from you may find that she’s not exactly a Daedric Prince anyway.

The Templar also possesses an Oriels shield and this can be used to send enemies flying. This high off worked with the Thalmor. But became disenfranchised by them when they attempted to use her holy aura for political and military advantage.

She continues her anti danger work in Skyrim after refusing to participate in the great war. She will kill all Daedra as well as Daedra worshippers, undead, and necromancers. So she definitely doesn’t discriminate as to who feels her justice.

She uses healing spells and the occasional area of effect spell but she will mostly rely on her sword and shield. So she is a great comfort pick for those of you who usually gravitate towards Knights and warrior Skyrim builds.

Skyrim Builds No. 04/06

3. The Monk

The Monk

This guy is exactly what the name suggests a much humbler lowborn character. He ran a chapel in the collodion highlands of Cyrodil. The Monk provided for the needy by hunting game with his bow. He is a master of unarmed martial arts should anyone ever try to rob or harass his Chapel.

Monks can craft potions and herbal remedies to help the sick. At last, if it wasn’t already obvious he is the embodiment of selflessness, purity, and charity. The monk lets his actions speak much louder than his words or appearance. He doesn’t need gloriously pristine robes or ornate armor.

He relies on being underestimated. The monk is the epitome of a godly man who wastes no money on frivolous. He headed Skyrim to seek fulfillment hoping to find enlightenment on the 7000 steps to high Hrothgar. But he found that the land is full of sin and danger.

He usually relies on his bow occasionally switching to his fists. He’ll use restoration magic to mostly heal others but also himself. And then this pious man will have all of the restoration spells are necessary to ward off the undead.

Skyrim Builds No. 05/06

2. Paladin

Paladin Skyrim Builds

This one is quite the formidable force. Despite his noble birth in the Imperial City the Paladin never thought himself to be above the common folk. He didn’t discriminate based on class much to his parents dismay guided by a priest of akatosh.

The Paladin found his way to the temple of the One and fell in love with the inspiring magnificence of the place. From this day on he chose the pious path as a character with a close connection to Akatosh. The Paladin is a great Skyrim build for the Dragon born main storyline.

It fits perfectly with his backstory and role-playing the paladin is charitable and giving. In battle, the Paladin calls upon the area of effect spells like “Circle of protection” and “Stander’s aura”.

When you’re deep in a crypt battling Draaga nothing looks cooler than a ring or a sphere of holy light bursting from within you. While these spells protect him he uses sun damage spells to burn the unholy abominations.

The Paladin separates himself from our other Skyrim builds by also being a master with the two-handed Warhammer. So if you’re low on magic or you want to pummel through a bunch of enemies you can take them down in melee combat before using closed wounds to heal yourself.

Skyrim Builds No. 06/06

1. Bone Lord

bone Lord

The bone Lord earned this nickname, not for the reason you may think. No, the bone Lord is named as such because he commands an army of undead servants. Most of which fall under the skeletal theme. The bone Lord rides a horse straight out of your worst nightmare.

Our guy has burning eyes and no skin or hair. The bone Lord uses the conjure bone man, conjure miss man, and conjure raft man spells. These all spells provide him with the services of a skeleton crew. With diverse skills and assets to top that off, he can even summon a skeletal dragon with the summoned donor via shot.

There’s no doubt that the bone Lord is one of our coolest conjurers. You’re not strictly limited to skeletons either he also has access to spells like a dead zombie and dead troll in case you want some reanimated corpses. Once you’re conjured allies are set up and fighting the bone Lord focuses on two-handed combat. So this build is a good pick for players who want to mix mage and warrior skills.

Skyrim Builds: FAQ

What are some famous Skyrim builds for newcomers?

There are many builds available to play within The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim some of the most famous ones are Necromancer, Paladin, Druid, True Mage, Khajiit, Bandit, The Monk, Templar, etc.

What are top five Holy Builds in Skyrim?

The top five Holy Build spot in Skyrim can be easily given to The Paladin, The Monk, The Templar, Vampire Hunter and Druid.

Which is your favorite Skyrim Build?

If I have to choose one I will go with “The Bone Lord”. He gives vibes like a demon lord, and you have control over dead soldiers army.


That’s it for our Skyrim builds, we have only covered builds which we have personally played and liked. Hope you have liked our post on “Skyrim Builds The Best 6 | Don’t Miss Number 3”, if you have any thoughts then comment on it in the comment box. Share it with your friends. Thank You.

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