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How to chat in Valorant | Chat & Voice Commands

How to chat in Valorant? Like with all other team games Valorant also needs some way to communicate with your teammates. There also times when you want to take out heat on the opponent teams and do some trash talk.

Well the first choice of everyone is to use a microphone. But, there are some words which you can’t use out loud. There comes the chatbox. But, it will mean nothing if your words can’t reach the intended player.

This post on How to chat in Valorant will tell you simple methods to direct chat messages to the desired player or team. These tricks will allow you to send chat to “single desired teammate”, “your own full team”, and “everyone”.

We will also show you how to use your Avatar’s voice to give out simple voice commands as a bonus. Commands like rush, hold, OK, Gottcha, etc. They will be fully customizable and are pretty handy during gameplay.

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How to chat in Valorant? Chatbox keys

The common and simplest way first. Well, things are quite straightforward to access. But, as this game is new, many people don’t know about them, so I’m here to help you.

How to chat in Valorant?

Team Chat

Using team chat in Valorant is very simple. I will break it down in simple steps and pictures to help you through the process.

  1. In the game press “Enter“.
  2. That’s it a new message bar will open in the lower-left corner. (See Image Below)
  3. Type in a message.
  4. Press enter to send it to your all team members.

Notice how it’s written Team in starting of the message. This means the message is going to your team only.

Team_chat How to chat in Valorant

How to chat in Valorant?

All Chat: Team + Enemy

This is almost same as that of doing team chat in Valorant.

  1. Press “Shift+Enter” during gameplay.
  2. A similar chat box will open in the lower-left corner of the screen. (See Image Below)
  3. Type your message.
  4. Press enter to send a message.
  5. Now don’t hold back just trash your enemies.

Notice that it’s written All in start of the message. This indicates that the message is directed to all teams in the game.

All_chat Valorant

How to chat in Valorant?

Whisper Chat: Single Teammate Chat

This is also similar to the above two chat options in Valorant. There is just one extra step in whisper chat.

  1. Press “Ctrl+Enter” in the game.
  2. A message box will open in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  3. Now, type in the name of the player you want to message.
  4. Press TAB to confirm the name you entered.
  5. Now, type in the message.
  6. Press enter to send.

And that’s how you start flirting in secret 🙂

Notice that the message starts with “To” and then the name of the player you entered. This will help in confirming that you are using the whisper chat option and not sending secrets to everyone.

Team_member how to chat in Valorant

That’s it you have learned how to chat in Valorant. I hope that this will be useful to make your gameplay more fun.

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How to chat in Valorant?

How to make Agents talk in Valorant?

This will be useful in making short communication whith your teammates.

Making your agent talk is pretty simple. You have to just confirm some settings are in their place and voila. So without further ado let’s jump right into the action.


  1. Go to settings and then to the controls tab.
  2. In controls tab go to Communication settings. (See Pic 1 Below)
  3. In communication scroll down to the “Radio Commands Menu” section.
  4. Now, in this section make sure you have a key selected. In my case, it is “Num .(dot)” (See Pic 2. Below)
  5. Now, scroll to the “Radio Commands Wheel” section.
  6. In this section, you will find commands like Radio Command wheel Index, Combat/Tactics Wheel Command Index, Social Radio Command Wheel, and Strategy Radio Command Wheel.
  7. Now make sure all of the 4 options mentioned above have the same key associated in both columns respectively. (See Pic 3 below) I have given them Num 1,2,3, and 4 respectively.
Control and Communication Tab – Pic 1
Pic 2: Radio Commands Menu
Radio how to chat in Valorant
Pic 3: Radio Command Wheel

That’s it now it’s time for checking the results.

Access your keys

Now, during gameplay press your associated key for “Radio Commands Menu”, for me it’s “Num .(dot)”.

When you will press it a new communication window will pop up on right-lower corner of screen. (Image given below)

Make agents talk

Now choose the type of command you want to make. As per your choice in Step 7 there will be keys allotted to each category, here we have Num 1 for Combat, Num 2 for Tactics, Num 3 for Social, and Num 4 for Strategy.

Hold the key associated to the category you want to select. A round option chart will open.

Now, while holding the previous key use mouse to hover over commands and select message. On message press left click.

All done, that’s it to make your agent talk.

I know all this seems little lengthy but when you will make it in practice it will become like winking your eye.

Example of making an Agent talk

Let’s have an example for better understanding.

Let’s say I want my agent to say “Thanks”. So I’ll press following keys.

  1. Num .(dot) from numpad keys.
  2. Num 3 for social category.
  3. While holding Num 3 Hover my mouse over Thanks.
  4. Once over Thanks left click.
  5. “Thanks” in a lovely agent’s voice.

It has several other messages in social section like yes, thanks, command, no, hello, and sorry. Every section has same type of messages related to the category.

How to chat in Valorant?

Valorant Chat/Voice FAQ

How to send message in team chat in Valorant?

For team chat in Valorant Press Enter in the gameplay then write your message and hit enter to send.

How to deliver message on all chat in Valorant?

To send a message in All chat in Valorant press Shift+Enter, then write your message. After finishing your message hit enter to send.

How to send whisper chat in Valorant?

To send a personal chat in Valorant during gameplay press Ctrl+Enter, then the player’s name, then press tab for name confirmation, now write your message and press enter to send.

Can I make my agent give commands in Valorant?

Yes, it is very easy to make your agent talk in Valorant. Just associate keys in Radio Commands Menu and Radio Commands Wheel and you are good to go.

How to chat in Valorant?


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