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Can I Play Xbox Games on PC? The Best and Easiest Way

Here’s your answer to “Can I play Xbox games on PC?”. Have you ever wondered how will it feel to play your Xbox games on a PC? Let me answer these questions for you.

There are two answers to “Can I Play Xbox games on PC?”.

The first answer is using Xbox Play Anywhere, it is the easiest and surefire way of playing Xbox games on PC. The other method is to stream from Xbox One to Windows 10.

Can I play Xbox games on PC?

Yes, there are commonly two methods through which you can play Xbox games on PC. The first is through Xbox play anywhere and the second is by streaming Xbox on PC.

What is the easiest method of playing Xbox games on PC?

The easiest way to play Xbox games on a PC is to use Xbox Play Anywhere. Although, all the games are not available on it most of them are.

Can I play Xbox Games on PC Method 1: Using Xbox Play Anywhere.

Can I Play Xbox Games on PC

Using Xbox Play Anywhere is one of the easiest and fastest ways to play Xbox games on your PC. The only catch is that not all games are playable by this method.

Now, there is an Xbox Play Anywhere list with several names of games on it. If you own an Xbox game that’s available on the Xbox Play Anywhere list. Then, you can download a PC version of the sport at no extra cost.

It’s similar to having two copies of the same game i.e. one for your Xbox and one for your PC. Your data will be automatically synced between your PC and Xbox versions.

Xbox Play Anywhere Steps

Go to the Xbox Play Anywhere website and log in to your Microsoft account. After logging in check if any of the games on the list are owned by you on Xbox.

You can find a link to the list of games below.

Can I Play Xbox Games on PC

Xbox Play Anywhere

When you find your game just hit on download. That’s it now you have your own PC version of you Xbox Game.

But, playing this way has one demerit. The demerit I see, is if system requirements of your PC doesn’t match with games requirements. Then, its not going to run smoothly.

This will reduce the fun of playing. But, if this is the case then you can try our second method.

If a game you would like to play isn’t available on the Xbox Play Anywhere list, your second option is to stream your Xbox One to your Windows 10 computer.

Can I play Xbox Games on PC Method 2: Stream from Xbox One to Windows 10

Streaming is completed using the Xbox Console Companion app, which is automatically installed with Windows 10.

It is easiest to own your Xbox and PC on an identical network. To set up streaming, first, confirm that your computer and Xbox are fully updated.

Your next step is to enable game streaming on the Xbox.

First, click your center Xbox button on the controller, then select the profile and system tab on the dashboard.

Can I Play Xbox Games on PC

Then select “Settings” on the list.

Xbox Settings

On the subsequent screen, select “Devices & connections” on the left.

Now select “Remote features” on the proper.

Xbox Remote features

Then click “Xbox app preferences.”

Then, under “This Xbox,” select “Allow game streaming to other devices.”

Can I Play Xbox Games on PC

Under “Xbox app,” select “Allow connections from any device” or “Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox.”

Computer Settings

Next, connect an Xbox controller via Bluetooth or USB to your computer.

To connect via Bluetooth on your computer, go to your system tray on the underside right, then right-click on “Bluetooth Devices” and select “Add a Bluetooth Device.”


On your controller, hold down the sync button on the highest and watch for the Xbox icon to start out flashing.

This means the Bluetooth on the controller is discoverable. Back on your computer, inside the Bluetooth menu, click “Add Bluetooth or another device” and then follow the prompts to add your Xbox controller.

If you can not connect via Bluetooth, plug it in using the micro-USB connection. Now let’s connect with the Xbox One.

Inside the Xbox Console Companion app on the PC, on the left, click on the console icon near the underside.

Select your Xbox to attach. You can now click the “Stream” button and begin playing your favorite games from your Xbox One on your PC.

For better understanding you can see video below

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