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Games That Go From Hard To Easy: Best 6

Most new games are easy with gentle tutorials and patronizing exposition. They literally tell you what to do every time. They tell you things like dug through this gap, shoot this sign, perform brutal melee, takedown honest oblivious guard, etc. But, then there are games whose first few hours are so savage, so merciless that it’s enough to have you petitioning Steam for a refund on the grounds of damaged self-esteem.

Sometimes these games get easier as you progress and start to proceed in the story. Other times, well other times they’re just varying degrees of difficulty with little or no hope in sight.

Here are 9 games that start hard and get easier, sometimes.

Games That Go From Hard To Easy No. 1

Baldur’s gate

Baldur's Gte Cover Games that go from hard to easy

This one might feel like a cop-out. Because like all RPGs you start at level one with terrible equipment and very little idea about what’s going on. That’s fine when you’re scooting about inside “Candle Keep” without care. But as soon as you step outside your measly health bar and lack of experience can quickly cut your adventure short.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a destiny touched mage preordained to do wondrous things. You’ll still go down in one shot if you only have four HP. If you don’t level up before taking on quests so you can expect to die a lot. Especially if you only have two people in your party and you don’t take it slow.

You should follow 3P’s in this game i.e. Pause, Plan, and Prepare and great power will one day be yours. Rush it and well you can probably guess the rest.

Later on, when you’ve got full control of your faculties and seven other heroes backing you up. Then It’s easy to look back and wonder what the problem was unless of course, you quit before you got to that point.

Games That Go From Hard To Easy No. 2

The elder scrolls 3: Morrowind

The elder scrolls 3: Morrowind games that go from hard to easy

The third Elder Scrolls game is a masterpiece. It has an incredible main quest and the level of depth that makes it worth playing today. Even if the characters move like haunted mannequins and it looks wobbly by the side. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

When you first get off the boat in “Vardin Fell” it all seems simple. You make best friends with a tiny elf if you give him back his ring. The weather is nice and everyone seems jolly friendly. Well, sort of but step outside the comfort of “Say Dineen”, and things soon get nasty. Sure you can handle a few mud crabs and even the odd angry rodent, but when you start exploring caves and bothering bandits things start to go wrong.

Paths between towns are often perilous, even before you start tangling with Marrowinds most hated enemy the dreaded “Cliff Racer”. All this is made more frustrating by the fact that every swing has a two-hit factor it may look like your swatting Marrowids bosses falling out of the sky but you’re not.

Games That Go From Hard To Easy No. 3

Alien isolation

Alien Isolation Cover

The very first section in alien isolation isn’t hard at all. Unless you get trapped in your status portal, get lost trying to find the shower, or other things. But as you creep deeper into creative peerless survival horror things get horribly difficult.

Any kind of confrontation usually results in death even before you come face to mouth like with a xenomorphic itself. jumpy scavengers will gun you down, at first sight. A dead-eyed android will smash you like a dropped hamburger. When you will find a weapon in the 3rd chapter the ammo is so scarce you’ll be afraid to use it.

None of this is a bad thing, of course, it’s a perfect way of cranking the tension up before you’ve even met the alien. When it finally does arrive you’ll be even more of a gibbering pile of nerves than he would have been otherwise.

It does get easier later on if easy is the right word for being stalked relentlessly by an organism designed for murder. You’ll be able to pluck flame throwers, bombs, and Molotov to help keep the alien at bay. Provided of course you can make it through the early stages of Alien Isolation without experiencing a complete nervous breakdown good luck.

Games That Go From Hard To Easy No. 4

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic Games that go from hard to easy

The best thing Knights of the Old Republic does is also the thing that makes it tough at the start. Instead of kicking things off with a powerful Jedi, you’re just a grunt. The task with rescuing a more important and powerful member of the order.

While you’ll by no means helpless you have a range of useful skills depending on your character class. Not to mention the dashing cars are nasty. It’s not the immediate power fantasy you might have been expecting. Things get simpler when you finally build your lightsaber later on.

But that stuttering starts your Jedi career informs everything you do in a game in much the same way that Luke Skywalker is an ace pilot first and a Jedi second. It’s a fantastic foundation to make you feel like a proper Star Wars character.

When you’re out swinging your saber and uncovering the truth about your past those hours spent shooting mutants in the underbelly are vivid humbling and wholly effective.

Games That Go From Hard To Easy No. 5


Minecraft games that go from hard to easy

Everyone remembers their first night in Minecraft. The rush of excitement that came after trying that weird blocky game that everyone was talking about. The dreams of learning how it worked and becoming a billionaire YouTuber. The reality on quite some levels is very different.

Minecraft a stern, a sometimes scary game with a vicious learning curve. Before you have time to craft a shovel or even consider finding a sheet to make a bed. The night is falling and the groaning hissing monsters were shambling towards you. Now, instead of a simple but elegant wood shack, you were expecting to build, your first night was spent in a mud hut. If you were lucky or buried up to your neck in a makeshift hobbit hole. Luckily, I learned how it all works and now I’m living in a mansion made of diamonds in real life, and in Minecraft.

Games That Go From Hard To Easy No. 6

The Witchers 2: Assasins of Kings

 In general, The witcher games can take some getting used to the movement is tricky and combat feels different from many of the games. When it finally clicks you’ll feel amazing but until then many people end up devoured by gold or drown by drowner wondering what all of the fuss was about the prologue of The Witcher 2 is especially tough you start with Geraltmost basic skills and many enemies can end you in just a few hits until you’ve got to handle on

 the rhythmic frenetic combat you can expect the butcher of Glover can spend most of the time being butchered himself worst of all the original game was released with almost no tutorial at all a more in-depth guide was patched into the game after release but even then it’s still a rigorous test of your skills

Game That Goes From Hard to Easy FAQ

What are some of the hardest games for PC?

In all of the games that we have played till now, I’d say Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is the hardest of them. I’ve selected this because of its immersive gameplay and action scenes.

Name one easiest game with toughest mission?

This question make room for only one mission that I can remember i.e. Helicopter mission in GTA San Andreas.

That’s it this was our list of “Games that go from hard to easy”. If you liked this list share it with your friends and leave a heart. If you have any thoughts on this list please use the comment box below.

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