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Games Like Stranger Things: The Best 6 Games

Don’t you just hate the feeling of your favorite show ending? Wondering how are Elevens doing upside-down without her egos? We’ve had to wait over an entire year for the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. How are we gonna fill that gaping hole in our lives? A simple answer is, with games. Of course in celebration and preparation of the second season at the Sci-Fi spookfest heading our way? We’ve rounded up our top picks of nine games like stranger things which you can enjoy while waiting for release.

There are many PC games like Stranger Things, that have the same spooky environment. They also give a sense of excitement, have a nice story and gameplay. Let’s start with our list.

Our 6 Best games like Stranger Things from Netflix:-

Games Like Stranger Things No. 1

Alan Wake

A tortured writer unable to get his creative juices flowing packs up his wife. Taking his wife he heads to the country to pump out some pages and get some money in the bank. Too bad for him the secluded town tucked away in the mountains.

He chose for a bit of respite in-home to something called the ‘Dark Presence’ that’s its name I guess. Alan isn’t the only one struggling creatively with rural exploration. A daytime is punctuated with bouts of frantic survival horror during the witching hours. In meantime, the town’s residents succumb to the darkness and collectively decide that murdering Alan is the most fun to be had of an evening.

Flitting between Alan wakes version of the upside-down and the relative calm of bright falls certainly has stranger things feel. With a liberal – of Twin Peaks stirred into the good measure. Plus the episodic format lends itself to the TV show vibe. Although you’ll probably end up bringing all six episodes and the two specials in one sitting if your Netflix fiend.

Alan Awake System Requirements

CriteriaMinimum RequirementRecommended Requirement
CPUDual-Core Intel 2.8 GHzQuad-Core 2.88 GHz
Operating System Windows XP (SP2)Windows 7 / Later
Video CardDirect X 9 CompatibleDirect X 10 Compatible
Available Space8GB8GB
Graphics Card Memory512MB2GB
Games Like Stranger Things

Games Like Stranger Things No. 2

Costume Quest

Double Fine’s Costume Quest is a delightfully sweet adventure with a dark new girl nestled in the center. I mean not that dog we’re not talking about Michael Myers running around butchering teens dark.

It is Halloween though and the kids are out in droves on the hunt for sweeties but they’re not the only ones. Robins those big ugly green chaps right there have infiltrated the neighborhood. It is expected that the adults are blissfully unaware leaving the job of saving a day to you and your tiny little friends.

Despite not being as heavy-handed with the horror. The kids on a perilous adventure theme are something stranger things drew heavily on to. The main objective is to save your candy corn coated sibling from being devoured by deranged monsters. These monsters think candy corn is edible and to that ends you can find additional costumes to wear into battle.

Each imbued with our special power as well as battle stamps for extra abilities and buffs. Character progression follows closely towards RPG territory. The combat system only really opens up when you’ve gathered a full party. But getting tots, but once you do it’s a nostalgia raisin romp down memory lane.

If you haven’t spent at these worn Halloween’s strutting through the streets and a fabulous costume getting accosted by an ogre to view for something sweet in a blonde you haven’t lived.

Costume Quest System Requirements

CriteriaMinimum RequirementRecommended Requirement
CPUDual-Core Intel 2.8 GHzQuad-Core 2.88 GHz
Operating System Windows XP (SP3)Windows 7
Video CardGeForce 7600 (Similar)Radeon 4550
Available Space1GB2GB
Graphics Card Memory256MB512MB
Costume Quest Games Like Stranger Things

Games Like Stranger Things No. 3

Stories untold

Our third entry in the list of games like stranger things is “Stories Untold”. Stories Untold is an unusual tactile adventure game. It’s all about twiddling knobs and pushing mysterious keys. Each of its four self-contained stories has elements of 80s horror and by extension stranger things.

There’s a mysterious lab, a shadowy outpost. But it’s the first story “The House Abandon” which most recalls the illicit late-night gaming sessions of our youth. It’s easy to imagine any of the kids from stranger things tapping away in an old-fashioned keyboard staring at lower resolution TV that is probably made up of wood.

Best of all there’s a palpable sense of creeping dread. As you gradually start to understand what sinister things are going on. Did I just use best of all and creeping dread in the same sentence yes, yes I did? No prizes for guessing where they got the idea for the titles for either.

One of the most important things about this game is its gameplay. It has beautiful (in a sinister way) sceneries with good quality graphics resolution. You will love to play this game, trust me.

Stories Untold System Requirements

CriteriaMinimum RequirementRecommended Requirement
CPUDual-Core Intel 2.8 GHzQuad-Core 2.88 GHz
Operating System Windows 7 (SP2)Windows 8
Video CardDirect X 9 CompatibleDirect X 10 Compatible
Available Space400MB1GB
Graphics Card Memory126MB256MB
Stories Untold game

Games Like Stranger Things No. 4

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a puzzle platform that revels in the horrors of your childhood. Shadowy corners, grotesque half monsters, and a sense of dread stalk you through the mall. A ship whether depraved and degenerate gathers to feast on the flesh of small children.

Not much is known about six, a young girl who sets out to escape the bowels of the boat. But we accompany her on her arduous journey. As she avoids the nightmarish obstacles that stand between her and her freedom. Like stranger things 11 having a number for a name is a clever trope. This alludes to the presence of a much deeper back story that’s yet to be revealed.

What about numbers one through five or perhaps it’s just the new trend for girl’s names. Now that we’ve moved away from foodstuffs and countries. The next fad fractions sixes crippling hunger plays a part in her eventual escape. But we didn’t want to get to the spoiler.

All you need to know is that it’s as excellent as it is unsettling. It will transport you back to a time when you were terrified of the dark and everything hidden within it.

Little Nightmares System Requirements

CriteriaMinimum RequirementRecommended Requirement
CPUIntel Core i3Intel Core i5 / Similar
Operating System Windows 7 (64 Bit)Windows 7 (64 Bit)
Video CardNvidia GTX 460Nvidia GTX 660 with Direct X 10
Available Space10GB10GB
Graphics Card Memory1GB2GB
Games Like Stranger Things

Games Like Stranger Things No. 5

Broken Age

Another double fine entry has crept its way onto the list of games like stranger things. Because the studio knows just how to encapsulate the innocence and nostalgia of a coming-of-age story. They know to subtly combine them with darker themes in smart and surprising ways.

Broken Age’s narrative follows two youngsters dissatisfied with a lot in life. One is mollycoddled on what appears to be a spaceship. Designed to be piloted by a super-intelligent baby, while the other is on the cusp of being sacrificed to a gluttonous beast called Mulch Asura.

During the upcoming maiden’s feast. All this because civilization can’t reach its peak without spilling the blood of young virgins and pointless ceremonies. While both Che and Bella’s stories are equally compelling the themes. Vela’s portion explores are significantly more disturbing at times from a gameplay perspective.

The title is a very simple point-and-click adventure split over two episodes. The first half is made up of relatively simple puzzles while the second gets a bit tougher but the game looks great. The writing is witty and clever double fine knocks it out of the park again with this one.

Broken Age System Requirements

CriteriaMinimum RequirementRecommended Requirement
CPUIntel Dual Core 1.7 GHzIntel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz
Operating System Windows XP (SP3)Windows 7 (64 Bit)
Video CardNvidia GTX 260Nvidia GTX 460
Available Space2.5GB3GB
Graphics Card Memory512MB1GB
Broken Age

Games Like Stranger Things No. 6

Life is strange

If angsty teen drama with a touch of the supernatural is what you’re after. Then look no further than ‘Life is Strange’. Another episodic adventure follows 18-year-old Max Caulfield.

She navigates through the complex puzzles and layered world that is young women in their late teens. Things get even more complicated when Max discovers. she has time rewinding powers. She then sets out to save the life of her childhood friend, solve some mysteries, and save the town of Arcadia Bay.

It airs a bit too much on the angsty side for my tastes. The characters are a touch too introspective for me to relate to. But anyone on social media who care to ask will gush for holidays about it.

Life is Strange System Requirements

CriteriaMinimum RequirementRecommended Requirement
CPUIntel Dual Core 2.0 GHzIntel Dual Core 3.0 GHz
Operating System Windows VistaWindows 7
Video CardNvidia or ATI any cardNvidia GTX 260
Available Space5GB12GB
Graphics Card Memory512MB1GB
Life is Strange Games Like Stranger Things

Games Like Stranger Things No. 7

Bonus: Silent hill 2

Our bonus entry in the list of games like stranger things is “Silent Hill 2”. Being most scared at the start of the game is a trope in most survival horror games. They generally get easier as an initial surge of fear is surpassed by a desire. To rebel against the plot or find the biggest gun but even by the standards of the genre.

The opening of Silent Hill 2 is monstrous. For starters, the game arms you with a plank at the risk of sounding like a pretend plank expert. This is misleading in two ways firstly it suggests you should be fighting enemies instead of running away. Secondly that a plank is a useful weapon to that end.

Just because somebody has done a no-damage run of Silent Hill 2 or the hard using nothing but the plank it doesn’t mean you should. Things get easier when you get the pipe and later on a handgun. But nothing compares to those opening 30 minutes of jittering, unknown horrors, and planks swinging ineptitude. Wait, we’ll be laughing about being armed with a pipe just now.

Games Like Stranger Things


Is stranger things a multiplayer game?

Just like the series its game also focuses on teamwork. There are missions for two players co-op team in the Stranger Things game.

Is Stranger Things game available for Nintendo?

The third part of series is available for Nintendo i.e. Stranger Things 3: The Game.

With this our post “Games Like Stranger Things: The Best 6 Games” is finished. Tell us your top pick from the list or any other game you want here. Share it with your friends, thank you.

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