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9 PC Games Like Red Dead Redemption 2 For 4GB RAM or Lower

Red Dead Redemption 2 is officially announced and with its release, the craze for gun-slinging and West-themed PC games will be a new hot thing. But don’t worry I’ve sorted these 9 gun-slinging PC titles similar to the Red Dead Redemption 2. The best part is that most of them are having minimum system requirements for a low-end PC.

Which is the best game similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 for 4GB RAM? The best for a 4GB RAM PC similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 is Exoplanet: First Contact. There are other similar games to have a look at, so continue reading the article.

9 PC Games Similar To Red Dead Redemption List-


One of the most prominent contenders in our list of similar games like Red Dead Redemption for low-end PCs. It can easily run on a 2GB RAM PC with no to low graphics hardware. This game can get rather punishing at times, armed with a throwing knife, a gun, and your trusty duck your cigar smoking antihero sets out to bring back the stolen luck charms at the town of clover creek. It’s all for a fee of course you’ve got to keep duct bridging a lifestyle to which he’s become accustomed.

Somehow tracking down the Bandit is far from easygoing and the love mechanic can either help you out or hinder you severely hinder. Honestly, it’s just verging on murder and sabotage at some points collecting from failed bandits and deranged wildlife to replenish your reserves will have you feeling like you’re playing a 2d Red Dead Redemption.

Here everyone and everything seems out to get you it’s not called the Wild West for anything dodging collapsing water towers, rabid animal attacks, and even bullets is all good fun. But, collecting vinyl as you go and you can take a break from all the dusty ponchos five o’clock shadows and tumbleweed and enjoy a showcase of hip-hop music in the underground record store just like a real American cowboy.

Luckslinger Gameplay
Luckslinger Gameplay Screens

ExoPlanet: First Contact

If you’re a fan of space Western Firefly I mean who isn’t the cancellation of that show was a travesty then you’ll definitely love exoplanet first contact. The single-player action RPG drops you in the middle of a new gold rush on the planet Catharsis where hero Jack Sharp is stranded. This happens when a contract goes sideways and our main character a starship captain turned into a bounty hunter.

You can take on jobs and forge a reputation for yourself as you see fit forage for supplies and craft your own weapons so it’s more of an RPG than dread dead but you’ll get your fix. You can choose to align yourself with the locals struggling under the corporate boot of oppression or pick the white choice and live as a mercenary allied with big oil companies or big names. The choice is your’s and your choice will alter your course.

It is playable on low-end PCs with 4GB RAM & 256MB graphics or more.

ExoPlanet First Contact Gameplay
Exoplanet: First Contact Gameplay Screens

Fistful Of Frags

A Wild West mod, a fistful of brags is a free-to-play multiplayer stealing game you won’t find any loot boxes or microtransactions waiting to pop out from behind a cactus here. When they say free they mean it, Red Dead’s multiplayer has less structure than a fistful of frags dropping players into free roam mode where they can form posses and MOSI from town to town looking for trouble or start some.

With 5 multiplayer modes, dual-wielding, melee, and historically accurate weapons like the Colt Navy in Schofield fistful of frags has much more going on when it comes to the usual trappings of multiplayer. If you miss indulging in a tipple that would put hair on the chest of a woolly mammoth fistful of fracked will also let you get absolutely sold while brandishing a firearm. You can drink to your heart’s content as long as you find a jug full of whiskey and while it’s not quite as refined as rocking up to a Baroness snazzy suit like MrMarston it’ll put enough fire in your belly to get you in your fighting spirit.

Fistful Of Frags Gameplay
Fistful Of Frags Gameplay Screens

Hard West

Hard West has more in common with Red Dead Redemptions undead nightmare. DLCs in the game’s main campaign bringing a touch of a supernatural into the mix. It was as if every animal on the trail was spooked by some evil force we follow a roadman on his quest for vengeance as he works his way down his personal hit list after making a deal with the devil and springing back to life. A bit far-fetched in the world of the Old West perhaps but a colorful story nonetheless.

Its story bears a passing resemblance to Martin’s mission of tracking down the members of his old gang Betty, yes this could have been masked and story. The turn-based gameplay is drastically different from the third-person action of Red Dead but if you enjoy the slightly more whimsical storytelling of undead nightmare Hard West will be right off your dark spooky alley.

It is one of its kind turn-based gun-slinging games that smoothly run on a low-end PC of 4GB RAM.

Hard West Gameplay
Hard West Gameplay Screens

Fallout: New Vegas

How can a post-apocalyptic game set in the future that’s got nothing to do with cowboys be on this list I hear you asking that? If we can go to space for an entry there’s no reason we can’t skip ahead into the future on earth.

The dry expanses of New Vegas, the factions warring for control the grueling journey towards revenge and redemption Fallout New Vegas has it all so what if there’s a shortage of cowboy hats and boats traversing the Mojave Desert with a score to settle which is cowboy as it gets.

Fallout New Vegas
Fallout New Vegas Gameplay Screens

Red Dead Redemption

This one is kind of a cop-out but if you haven’t played Red Dead Redemption you really should, buy an old console or grab an Xbox One. Now that the title has joined a lineup of backward compatible games in the Xbox library. Reformed outlawed John Marston is blackmailed into hunting down his old posse in exchange for living in peace with his family. Being a Rockstar game I’m sure you can imagine how smoothly that pans out for him.

The game features a day and night cycle, dynamic weather, and random events all set against a sprawling backdrop the American frontier at the tail end of the American Old West. The industrial revolution won out and Marston is a relic of a bygone era, which becomes all the more apparent as you progress with the story. It’s not as depressing as it sounds but you’d better prepare yourself about the ending is all I’m saying and remember it’s not over until the credits roll.

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Screens

Westerado: Double Barreled

Another dead family, another reason to puddle up and move out to get payback yadda yadda yadda you know the drill by now. A pixelated mosaic Westerado double-barreled holds up better than Red Dead’s old eyeballs and gives us an open world where the consequences of your actions very much matter.

Part western part detective story the for another piece is randomized on each playthrough so you’ll have to ferret around for clues by talking and interrogating the locals. Think of it as a particularly violent take on where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. When you think you’ve cornered the scumbag who murdered your family you can draw your gun and make your accusations. You can invest time in a side quest if the campaign is hurtling towards completion a little too fast for your liking it’s good for a dabble into the genre and won’t suck up too much of your time.

Westerado Double Barreled Gameplay
Westerado: Double Barreled Gameplay Screens


The GUN was a great game that may have flown under the radar for you when it was released back in 2005. Developed by Neversoft and published by Activision the game had a more than decent cast including Hellboy’s Ron Perlman and The Punisher’s Thomas Jane.

This story is another bummer of murdered family members and the quest for truth so get ready for that. It was the Red Dead Redemption before Red Dead Redemption was a thing and has features like hunting, card games, and bounty hunting that you can indulge in on your part of retribution. It’s over a decade-old don’t too much from the title but if you want to Weston fix with a great story and the acting chops to support its gun is the game for you.

GUN Gameplay
GUN Gameplay Screens

West Of Loathing

At last, a game that isn’t doom and gloom West of Loathing is a comedy RPG that showers you with XP for pretty much everything you do. There are no dead parents no murdered kids it’s all rainbows and sunshine, and City quests compare to the other entries on the list.

While the turn-based combat can get a bit samey after a while the world and the stories within it are far from shallow the game may be text-heavy but the writing is clever and witty. So unless you have an insurmountable aversion to the written word you’ll find yourself chuckling through paragraphs and texts like a little lunatic. Don’t let the art style fool you west up loathing has a whole lot more substance than those little sticks bigger cow herders would make you think.

This game is playable on a low-end PC with 4GB RAM and a little bit of graphics hardware.

West Of Loathing Gameplay
West Of Loathing Gameplay Screens


Which is the best 2D gun-slinging game like Red Dead Redemption 2?

The best 2D gun-slinging game like Red Dead Redemption 2 is Luckslinger. It is available for download on Steam.

A game like Red Dead Redemption 2 with a comedic touch?

West of Loathing is a PC game having both comedic and gun-slinging extracts into it, it is somewhat similar to the Red Dead Redemption.


I hope that you have found your favorite from the list of similar games to Red Dead Redemption for Low-End PC. If you have any questions regarding their system requirements then please ask in the comment box below.

Thank You.

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