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The Best 8 PC Games that give Unparalleled Freedom

Games have the power to move us in ways we never thought possible. But just sometimes they conjure up moments of wonder and freedom that give you goosebumps. There are games in which we could experience true freedom. Well, freedom is a very ambiguous term, we cannot define it by some criteria. But, for me, it means revolutionizing gaming in a better way.

So, here are eight of the best pc games that gave showed us that type of freedom.

  1. Far Cry
  2. GTA San Andreas
  3. Deus Ex
  4. Mass Effect
  5. Minecraft
  6. Metal Gear Solid V
  7. Half-Life
  8. Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

Far Cry 

Far Cry played a blinder with its beauty. The game starts with you tramping the traditional briny corridors. These corridors are so common to games of the time.

You follow them only for you to emerge blinking into the gorgeous tropical sunlight with palm trees, sandy beaches, and clear ocean waters all around.

This game is an interesting open-world FPS (First Person Shooter) games. It was released by Ubisoft in 2008.

Far Cry

GTA San Andreas

2004 also gave us the iconic Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. A city with a rhythm and life all of its own. It is best experienced not from the front seat of a stolen car but from the saddle of a bicycle.

Switching the famously inspired radio stations would be even more inspired. Drive-in silence just the calming breeze, tires screeching, and the clicking of your free room.

GTA San Andreas

Deus Ex 

Throughout the 90s shooters consisted mostly of leaked anonymous corridors and RPGs. Catered mainly to wizard-loving potion drinkers. The release of Deus ex in the year 2000 changed gaming forever.

Venturing from the dock towards the statue in this matrix’s world of sci-fi. Your options are vast. You can use force or stealth.

Hacking, trickery, exploration, and human interaction to progress and even disobey direct orders. Freedom never felt so good.

Deus Ex

Mass Effect

Having a strong feeling for wanting something more than a spaceship, is somewhere amazing to feel it. The original Mass Effect hit the shelves in 2007 and gave you just that gorgeous effect.

It gave us a galaxy full of star systems with planets that could be visited, explored, and mind gaming freedom on a truly galactic scale.

Mass Effect 1


Moments of amazing freedom can still be found back on terra firma 2009. Infinitely wide sandbox game Minecraft allowed you to go anywhere. It allowed us to build anything and fall hilariously into the lava again and again and again.

It does have various game modes and objectives but it never abandons that core of extreme freedom. Minecraft game is truly whatever you want it to be.

Minecraft games that go from hard to easy freedom

Metal Gear Solid V

Few creators break free of convention and create a sense of freedom. They built Hideo-ko-Jima with no game demonstrating this quite as well as Metal Gear Solid 5.

Here you can hop on your trusty steed and explore a sprawling detailed open world. Equipped with rocket power fist balloons that can kidnap enemies and of course a cardboard box.

Spy Mission Games For PC freedom


It’s odd to think of commuting as freedom. But it involved an elevated tram ride through Black Mesa. Your ability to walk into the center of an FPS without firing a shot was a masterstroke.

Half-life’s knack of telling stories without a sniffer for cut scenes influenced an entire generation. With the combat and puzzle-solving freedom, the sequel’s gravity gun brought half life’s legendary influence only increased.

Half-Life freedom

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

Released in 2003 on the PlayStation 2 the Sands of Time pioneered modern gaming freedom. With its time rewind function, this not only revolutionized platforming but influenced a host of games.

These games follow everything from Braid to Forza Motorsport 3. Time-bending aside, the fluid free-running agility pioneered has influenced every third-person actioner, from Mirror’s Edge to Assassin’s Creed.



SO these are some of the games that made us feel something extraordinary. Hope you have liked our list on “The Best 8 PC Games that give Unparalleled Freedom”. Share it with your friends and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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