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Just a few moments ago PUBG announced the return of Player Unknown Battle Grounds in India as “Battleground Mobile India”.

So, with this news let’s hope that our question When will PUBG return in India? is answered.

Everything is hinting towards the end of the wait. They have updated their official social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Is PUBG returning in India?

Yes, PUBG is returning in India but as a different game. It will be launched as Battlegrounds Mobile India.


  • PUBG return in INDIA renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Official website released as
  • Youtube trailer launched on official youtube channel.
  • Instagram handle updated for latest news update.

A new official website for BATTLRGROUNDSMOBILEINDIA is online to keep us updated about the latest news of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s trailer has also been launched, although it is a short trailer it’s enough to give us hope for the early return of PUBBG in India. We are attaching the trailer below.

There were number of times when we get news of PUBG being released or unbanned in India, but every time it was fake. This all made us wait for a long time, every time we hear news about its return all we get was coming soon.

Official News:-

Today Krafton, the South Korean video game developer announced and revealed Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Krafton is saying that this version will be exclusive to the players of India only. I think by this we assume that other country players or players from Asia servers will not play with us.

This will definitely minimize the gameplay experience, but nothing is sure at this point of time.

On the official website their is blog in which we can see the official logo of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

In the logo, we can see the tricolor of the Indian flag. Battlegrounds have Saffron color, Mobile is White and India is Green.

logo of Battlegrounds Mobile India

There is no fixed launch date for the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, but PUBG content creator Maxtern told that the game could be released at the end of May or at beginning of June.

We still don’t know about the gameplay, whether it’s gonna be a tweaked version of PUBG or a game specially made for Indian audience.

Let’s just wait for the return of PUBG in India once again. Please express your thoughts on this news in the comment section below.

Thank You!

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