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Fortnite Deadpool Challenges: Where and How to Perceive Them?

Fortnite Deadpool Challenges: Crazy for Fortnite who isn’t, this epic game gives you a never-ending rage of adrenaline. If you’re excited to get the new x-force style for Deadpool, this post is going to help you out. Here you will find out about Fortnite week 9 Deadpool challenges and previous Fortnite Deadpool challenges. 

We will tell the place and how to get the Deadpool shorts and salute Deadpool’s pants and location, everything.

We’ll be going over the locations of those and on top of that covering some map changes that have to do with all of this X-Force stuff you definitely do not want to miss that. 

Challenge 1: Find Deadpool’s shorts

Alright, guys let’s take a look at how to get these challenges done for Deadpool so you can unlock the brand-new x-force style.

So yeah guys first of all as you know it’s generally a good reminder that you have as many of the challenges completed in the Fortnite chapter. I would recommend getting all of these challenges done because sometimes they don’t work unless you have all of the challenges done.

Once you get the week 9 challenges let’s get them done one by one.
This Fortnite season, week 9 will look just like this (see image below) for you. It shows that you have completed the first half of Fortnite Deadpool Challenges i.e. finding the Deadpool shorts.

I’ll show you how to do that here in just a second and then salute Deadpool’s pants. Let’s go ahead and hop into the first challenge.

Fortnite Deadpool Challenges

As you guys may know it is pretty simple to complete the first half of this challenge. These can be found inside of the battle path lobby.

The first challenge in the Fortnite Deadpool challenges is generally found somewhere within. We don’t know exactly where it’s gonna show up quite yet. But I would assume either in Maya’s room we haven’t had an item in there in a while.
I believe last week’s item was in Skye’s room, so it’s not gonna be in there. Most likely and honestly I would expect it to be inside Midas’s room (Midas missions are good) somewhere. Again look around in the background and stuff.

It’s very easy should be able to find that with no problem whatsoever but the next challenge is a little bit tougher now.

Challenge 2: Salute Deadpool’s pants

Challenge Second is to salute Deadpool’s pants, now for this simply hop into team rumble that makes it very very easy you should be able to get it done in team Rumble.

There are two locations, I’m pretty sure you can go for this but we’re just going to hop into the battle lab, just as an example if it doesn’t work in the battle lab but it makes it easier to show you.

I’m pretty sure there are actually two locations that you can go for these. Now the first of which is probably going to be busier so you might want to check out the second one. 
Yeah, the first location is over at Deadpool’s yacht.

Fortnite Deadpool Challenges

Up here towards the top right of the map I’m sure you guys know where that is but all you want to do is simply glide on down there in the specific spot we’re going to is the very front of the boat.

Also, team Rumble is great for this because then you don’t have to worry about henchmen. As you can see at the very front of the boat our “Deadpool’s pants” and these should more than likely work for the challenge.

Deadpool Pant’s alternate location

Okay, the boat does break so if that does get broken there’s another spot you can go. That I’m pretty sure should work. The mountain K is over on the other side of the map at mount K so if you don’t know where to mount K is as we’re driving over there it is this one right here (see fig below). 

Fortnite Deadpool Challenges: Where and How to Perceive Them?

I’m pretty sure that’s where it can be found. Now in Team Rumble, I’m pretty sure the choppers don’t spawn so you’re probably just going to have to glide over there or again start your match going over there first. 
As you can see here is mount K so we’re going to want to go to the top of it. Right about here (see fig below).

Okay slow down a little bit there we go that should be perfect as you can see there is another set of Deadpool’s pants right up here and this one cannot be broken at all so this one’s probably the safer bet.

I don’t know why they have given two location’s but it may have to do something in the future. As soon as I’ll know I’ll update you guys in the comment box or in a separate post.

Is there more than one Location for Deadpool’s pant in Fortnite?

Yes, there are two locations where you can salute Deadpool’s pants. The first is on a ship and second place is mountain K.

What is the new location in Fortnite?

A new location near shark teeth is shown on the map. It’s quite similar to a jail.

Fortnite New Map Changes

Alright, guys let’s hop back into the game here because I wanted to take a look at some map changes and see if they have anything to do with Deadpool.
The new island is right here  (see map below). 

Fortnite Deadpool Map

As you guys know we just showed that Deadpool had his pants all the way over on Mount K so it’s entirely possible that he could have something to do with the new location at the shark.

It’s turned into like a jail sort of thing but why exactly did it turn into that so we’re gonna go over there and investigate see if we can find any clues. There’s definitely some interesting stuff and I think it could also have to do with the X-force skins that are going to be coming soon alongside the x-force Deadpool stuff.

Going on down here you can already see how much has changed with the shark it’s changed up entirely which is crazy as you can see yeah you’ve got like the basketball court on the outside.

The whole main building is completely changed up. I actually want to start off with this jail area, which I do know is super interesting. You can tell even more that this is specifically a jail you’ve got this big fence keeping all the prisoners inside.

It’s a big exercise area for some reason there’s a 67 on a shirt on all of those training cycles, I don’t know why either way. 

Fortnite Deadpool Challenges : Hidden Island

Though we want to go over here (see below). 

jail fortnite

This thing isn’t on the map which I find very interesting. There’s an island over here and once you go to the building. You can simply go inside of it and you will be able to find a single cell.

The single cell is like a high-security cell. I mean you’ve got these crazy bars on it I mean you do have this open area right here. But I’m assuming they would use a force field or something along those lines.

deadpool fortnite jail

There’s one single bed inside of it. So, who is the person being kept inside this cell, is it Deadpool, is it the x-force version of Deadpool. Or is it one of the other x-force skins that are going to be released in the item shop soon? Like that’s the most likely thing I think? 

If you go out here you can see a beach chair with a chest. You’ve also got this port-a-potty I think it’s a secret passage. Let’s go inside, this will take us inside of the shark that’s actually pretty cool. So there you go you can use that to get back inside of the mouth of the shark pretty nice.

Part II

If we keep on looking through here a bit more to see if we can find any other clues. We’ve got some jail cells right here. If we go inside you can see that prisoners have been kept in here for quite a long time.
Let’s go to the next cell, well okay wait for a second look at this. Somebody broke out of this jail cell (see fig below). 

Fortnite Deadpool Challenges

I wonder who is being kept inside here, that they broke out of it. I mean that’s a pretty big hole. 
Right here on the wall, it’s a full calendar with different things marked on it (see image below).

cell place

Like you’ll get the 9th mark by cake, you’ll get pizza on the 24th, and then an X in a big circle on the 31st. All right that’s um that’s very interesting what could all that mean.

So that’s it, what do you guys think about this new island and location. I think it’s all for the new X-force but tell me your thoughts in the comment box. We hope that you liked this post on Fortnite Deadpool Challenges.

Thank You!

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