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Tekken 3 System Requirements

Tekken 3 is originally released for Playstation but you can play it on PC with emulators. So the system Requirements for Tekken 3 are according to the emulator requirements.

Tekken 3 Minimum System Requirements

SpecificationMinimum System Requirements
Graphics CardDirectX 11.0 compatible
Video Memory128MB
Available Space600MB
ProcessorIntel Dual Core
Operating SystemWindows 7 (64-Bit)

Tekken 3 Recommended System Requirements

SpecificationRecommended System Requirements
Graphics CardDirectX 12.0 compliant
Video Memory256MB
Available Space600MB
ProcessorIntel i2 or higher
Operating SystemWindows 7 (64-Bit)
Tekken 3 Cover

Tekken 3 – Release Date: 20 March, 1997

It is a fighting game having Player Vs Player as Player Vs CPU and other gaming modes. It is one of the most famous PvP fighting games of its time.

Tekken 3 – Gameplay & Plot

It is one of the flagships of the original PlayStation. It is advanced in many terms and one of the focus points is characters; some of its characters like Kuzia are controversial and somewhat ripoff of old characters.

It is one of the games which goes into the fourth dimension with functional side steps and shows a great upgrade from Tekken 2. Although there is no side walking option rather a single sidestep other options are back Dash back – can cover a large distance with a single step.

New in-game graphics and player graphics were introduced which are really eye-catching. 

It is considered to be one of the best fighting games for PlayStation in early days, released in 1998 for the original PlayStation. This game has button combinations rather than swinging combinations.

In order to understand you are needed to play a bit longer than other games, once you memorize all the key combinations then this game becomes a lot of fun. Its compatibility is also very good as it can be played on several gaming platforms like for PC and all of the PlayStation versions. 

There have been some technical problems but they are fixed at the time. We used to play in specially dedicated shops for Tekken only. They used to make special cabinets with gear and 6 button combination and you can use all your force in moving them without any hesitation. Those were definitely the most fun days I had while playing games.

Tekken 3 Trailer

From where I can download Tekken 3 for PC?

Tekken 3 is originally released for Playstation but you can play it using a PlayStation emulator. You will need to download the emulator and image file of Tekken 3 to play the game.

What type of gaming modes does Tekken 3 offer?

Tekken 3 is basically an offline fighting game that supports Player Vs Player, Player Vs CPU, Arcade Mode, Story Mode, etc. The most famous Versus Mode of Tekken 3 is basically a Player Vs Player fighting mode.


Although these Tekken 3 System Requirements are for emulators, if the emulator runs then your game will also run that is the basic concept. I myself used to play this game on a very low-end PC, so I’m sure it will work smoothly with the above-given minimum and recommended system requirements.

If you have any more doubts then please ask in the comment box. Thank You.

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