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Survival Games For Low-End PC | For Basic Hardware

Playing survival games gives us an unknown satisfaction. Fighting for our survival is the most basic intuition that we all have inbuilt in our bodies, and these survival PC games give us a little bit of taste of the same without actually risking our lives. So in the search of the same, I found out these 11 survival games for low-end PCs.

By low-end PC I mean any machine having above 2GB RAM and 64MB graphics could run these survival PC game titles very easily.

Which is the best MMO Survival PC game for low-end PC to play with friends? The best MMO Survival PC game for low-end hardware is Super Animal Royale, it’s pretty similar to the famous Battle Royale titles. There are many other intriguing survival games for low-end PC in this list have a look at them.

Best 11 Survival Games For Low-End PC List

Survival Games | Low-End PC Player Base

Although there are 100s of survival games out there to select from, and this makes choosing the right one very difficult. Thus, to make your choice easier I’ve personally handpicked these 11 survival game titles for low-end PCs.

To make things easier I’ve tried to collect official player data for each game listed here. Unfortunately, I was not able to gather an exact number of players for each survival game but still, I’ve got the number of reviews for each game. Although this may not represent the exact player in games it will give you a clear idea about the popularity of the game.

Survival Games for Low End PC
Survival Games | Low-End PC Player Base

Note: Data is gathered from various sites on and before the date of publishing of this article, so it may vary.

Survival Games For Low-End PC 01/11

Don’t Starve: Together

Don’t Starve Together Player Base – 282,277

This game is very unique with unique specifications. They have pretty cool graphics and the background music makes it more fun to play with. The key goal of this game is survival. They have “n” number of characters which has different and unique characteristics.

The game starts in which the player is kept on barren land with the map and has to survive with food. It’s a good and interesting survival game to play. A good game to play. There is a tutorial to understand the basic navigation tactics to understand games.

Don't Starve Together
Don’t Starve Together Gameplay Screens


Terraria Player Base – 802,551

This is a mind-blowing Sequencing game with every deeper level that would explore mind-blowing things which make it better. This game starts with an eccentric 16 fit wall and the handful of tools to kill the Monsters.

There’s a crafting sequence where you can find infinite monsters and also those who have 360 degree moving and handling sword Monsters both on the land and the dark cabin below. It is size combat and a classical and NES game in which you can Run Jump and smooth compact with winning every level you get Copper and gold which are used to make a destructible weapon. This is the best game to play in groups.

Terraria Gameplay Screens

Survival Games For Low-End PC 03/11


RimWorld Player Base – 113,480

This is a Management Game where you have to manage people according to 2 people in the
preferences and every character has to be managed according to moods and names to create the
relations and sometimes in the games they are difficult which leads to disturbing the relations. This
game is more like a story generator there are three characters namely KASSANDRA, PHOBE & RANDY

The Kassandra puts you or tells you the traditional story and creates difficulties in the
games, whereas PHOBE leads to play a more relaxed and friendly game and RANDY RANSON who just
played the problems and destroyer of the game. The game AI helps in many ways to play the game
which is more likely make boring and monotonous to play. in the game, you can choose people places, and everything in order to play.

RimWorld Gameplay Screens


Raft Player Base – 135,162

It is an online survival game in which the player shall be put into the sea or Island with the other
survivalist to sustain. It starts with the floating boat with a plastic hook and has to sustain against hunger thirst and sharks. After passing each level the player gets the needful that island, Signals, and
other things to build the storylines accordingly. As the name signifies to play or to pass in which the
player is put with one raft and by increasing the area one has to sell the boat through the raft and
unlock each level of the game.

Raft Gameplay Screens

Survival Games For Low-End PC 05/11

Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale Player Base – 19,382

It’s a top-down game. The top-down game is the one in which if anyone wants to see the movement of the other person, he can’t see as the area would be blocked and if you are hiding behind the walls and can be seen and shot.

This game has eye-appealing creativity which makes it best to play with the surrounding sound and music of weapons. In this game, the animal pun is in every corner. This game can only be played by friends when they had copies of the game. This game is well-polished with the good background sound of weapons and everything which makes it real and appealing to be played.

Super Animal Royale
Super Animal Royale Gameplay Screens

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve Player Base – 91,034

It’s a survival game in this game the scientist cum survivalist would be put in at a place and he has to survive according to the conditions. The most interesting part is in this game whatever you get you have to test its potential otherwise it will lead you a put you in a place where you can lose your game.

You have to keep a supply in hand to keep yourself at the battlefield. They have the best creativity in terms of the screen background which make it appealing to play in the long run with each loose game you are going to start all over again as the game leads to point zero which make it a bit of wastage in the long hours of play overall it’s a great and interesting game to play.

Don't Starve
Don’t Starve Gameplay Screens

Survival Games For Low-End PC 07/11

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Player Base – 45,187

Originally it’s a PS4 free-to-play community simulator game but you can also play it on PC. In this game you have to maintain relations with the other and a basic need for survival would be food, water, and shelter.

The player also needs to have proper communication within your room as well as the others and for that, you need have to have caps. With each level, you get caps which comprise weapons, foods. This game has good graphics with full animation. The game gets the tension or the level of complication increased with increase in the community, this is a mind-blowing and mind engaging game to play.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter Gameplay Screens


Player Base of Transformice – 20,576

This is a game that can be played on both the PC and android. This game is the one in which you can chat, talk and play with one another player. In this, the “Shannon Mouse” helps other mice to eat the cheese. In this game the key goal is to get the cheese otherwise the chaos intervenes and continues and this might lead to the end of the game, the game is provided with different background music which makes it interesting to be played.

Transformice Gameplay Screens

Survival Games For Low-End PC 09/11


Player Base of Starbound152,656

In this game, the player breaks the block explores the caves and haunts the resources to buy and craft items. This can be done with friends and as well as single-handedly. ln, this game there are a variety of places to visit from land, jungles to magma.

The side-strolling is statically responsible and challenging at the same time. There are variations with respect to the computing places that are two different places, planets and rebels which make it more interesting to play. It is the best crafting and Exploration game as a 2D platform and gives the best and the most engaging combat to play which made it hard and enjoyable at the same time to play.

Starbound Gameplay Screens


Northgard Player Base – 37,964

In this game, the player would be left at the island where he has to build his home and have to save food and other resources time to have to save himself from Rebels and the Seasons. There is a magical tree that provides many more interesting things with each unlocking off the level.

You can play this game as a single-player and can be played with friends by playing a multiplayer game, it will increase the challenges as well as you can divide it made into a number of times or can play single-handedly. The game has the best art style and the best combat makes it look great as well as interesting to play.

Northgard Gameplay
Northgard Gameplay Screens

Survival Games For Low-End PC 11/11

FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light Player Base – 60,873

This game is a mixup of easy and hard gameplay which makes it awesome and interesting to play. This game is all about saving your ship which carried the important information to the federation and has to cross that through eight steps without any problem and with each forward step the Rebel gets the closest to you.

In the starting, you get one ship and with unlocking each level you get more features and ships, the best thing about the game is that you can upgrade the game the best way possible. This game provides three different levels i.e. easy, middle, and difficult. This game is best as all the levels are difficult and engaging to play. This can be played up to 20 hours to complete the mission and still made you feel crazy for the play over.

FTL Faster Than Light
FTL Faster Than Light Gameplay Screens


Which is the best offline survival PC game for Low-end PCs?

The best offline survival PC game for Low-end PCs is Fallout Shelter. In this game, you have to survive in an underground post-apocalyptic vault.

Survival online game with player vs player gameplay?

The best survival online game with player vs player gameplay is Northgard, which has online PvP, online Co-Op gaming modes.

What are the top three survival games for low-end PC?

The top three survival games for low-end PC are Super Animal Royale, Northgard, and Don’t Starve.


I hope that you have chosen your next Survival PC game for low-end PC to play. If there is any question related to any of the games in the list you can ask in the comment box given below.

Thank You.

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