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Villain Protagonist Games | PC Games Where You Play As Bad Guy

Every now and then we all want to release our pent-up anger on something and what’s better than smashing things and heads in a PC game. Thus, for the same, I’ve collected these 9 Villian Protagonist Games where you are the bad guy in a way who doesn’t care for a thing around him. You can behave the same as those villains you have watched in movies. From setting places on fire to killing peoples everything is justified in these games with villain proagonists.

What are some best PC games where you play as villains? The top 3 PC games which have villain protagonists are Spec Ops: The Line, Virginia, and Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. Castlevania although seems pretty normal but when you reach the ending everything seems clear, read the particular section below to know more.

Note:- Most of the descriptions contain SPOILERS so, consider yourself warned.

Villain Protagonist PC Games List

Villain Protagonist Games 01/09


Braid Review Count on Steam:- 8,253

When you first set eyes on him, Tim seems like a lovely little fellow. Unlike certain platforming peasants who run around in shiny red dungarees Tim’s adorable suit shows the intrepid Time fiddler has style despite his snappy dress sense. Though Tim isn’t actually the hero of braid instead he’s a delusional villain whose obsession has twisted his perception of reality.

Braids first levels of time-slowing clone creating mushroom and stomping puzzle fun would make you think Tim is trying to save his beloved princess. However, when you reach the game’s final stage a darker truth is revealed. After seemingly saving his love from a burly knight you’re forced to play back through the action in reverse and it’s this time distorting turn of events that reveals Tim’s true identity.

He’s not the princess’s savior, he’s her stalker played backward the sequence reveals Tim is obsessively chasing the princess and that the brawny Knight is really the woman Savior. I’ll not reveal anything more rather you should play it to know who actually the villain is and the face of the actual villain protagonist.

Braid Gameplay
Braid Gameplay Screens

Villain Protagonist Games 02/09

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Review Count on Steam:- 30,894

Aiden Pearce is the world’s most miserable man whether he’s moping around in a seedy sunless motel room or moping some more as he stares at his wall of obsession. This enormous grumpy hacker just can’t find the fun in life. Of course, Ubisoft would have you ignore these crippling emotional problems in favor of making you believe Pierce is a decent dude.

Make no mistake Aiden Pearce is pure evil he may have lost his niece but most grieving people don’t beat up police with collapsible batons nor do they steal private information from every person they meet and they certainly don’t cause massive pileups just because they’re bored.

Aiden’s justification for messing with other people’s lives through his hacking hijinks is not only super flimsy is also really mean and bloody creepy breaking into his sister’s emails, turning off the lights at a baseball game and ruining 40,000 sports fans evening, fiddling with traffic blockers to upturn passing cars, spying on poor Caleb Bailey who just wants to be left alone to enjoys amateur erotic in peace. He may have a seriously kick-ass coat but this horrid hacker is human garbage.

Watch Dogs Gameplay
Watch Dogs Gameplay Screens

Villain Protagonist Games 03/09


Virginia Review Count on Steam:- 2,939

On first inspection special agent, Ant Oliver seems like a pretty good FBI employee. She always shows up promptly for meetings with her superiors, she’s an absolute wheeze with early 90s PCs, and she genuinely cares about her work. Don’t let all this trick you into thinking she’s good people though and made care about the job.

Unfortunately, she cares more about back-stabbing colleagues in their suited back to get ahead at the bureau. There are many victims of her ambitions anyone who was fool enough to befriend and trust her was used as a stepping stone in her desire to climb much higher.

But in she does become the FBI director, we can say that although methods were not moral they were certainly fruitful. Play Virginia yourself and feel like playing as a bad guy in the game.

Virginia Gameplay
Virginia Gameplay Screens

Villain Protagonist Games 04/09


Cuphead Review Count on Steam:- 80,442

Cuphead gives crockery everywhere a bad name don’t think for a second that this cutesy cuppa is the hero of his hellaciously hard platformer. The only reason you’re forced to fight all those disgustingly tough bosses is that Cuphead is a no-good degenerate gambler. He may have the sort of cutesy cartoon face that makes you want to drink chamomile tea from his head but Cuphead is selfish after losing a bet with a devil he begs for his life in spineless style, rather than forfeit his life with grace.

Cuphead instead decides to act as Satan’s own personal bounty hunter tracking down and capturing the souls of creatures who’ve lost wages with a devil. Look closely at Cupheads array of put-upon bosses and you’ll see them for what they truly are innocent victims like an adorable daffodil turn feral because he’s desperate to save his own life, acrobatic frogs who yearned to entertain circus patrons but instead have to wage war and many other.

These poor souls sound like they did nothing while Cuphead is the most Craven self-centered mug you’ll ever meet. Play it yourself and comment below who is good and who is bad in the game.

Cuphead Gameplay Screens

Villain Protagonist Games 05/09

BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Review Count on Steam:- 117,867

Nothing in Colombia ever quite conforms to the status quo. The damsel in distress is actually a paranormal bada*s capable of tearing holes in the fabric of the universe. Her protector is a tent and mechanical budgie and Sabre and waiting for booker DeWitt is simultaneously the game’s hero and its ultimate villain.

Come again Yup Booker and main antagonist Comstock are actually one and the same the latter is merely an older magnificently bearded version of the witch from a parallel universe. It’s only in the final half-hour that you’re given enough information to pace together the pieces. The head-scratching cliff notes Elizabeth is Booker’s daughter, she was whisked away to Columbia as a baby after DeWitt and Wittingly sold her to his older alternate reality self.

Now twenty years on he’s come back to this city in the crowd to rescue her from himself. At least Booker semi-redeems himself by traveling back to the moment he was baptized as Comstock. This time letting alternate versions of his daughter hold him down in the drink to ensure his evil berry alter-ego is never created.

Bioshock Infinite System Requirements

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay
Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Screens

Villain Protagonist Games 06/09

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight Review Count on Steam:- 75,342

Bruce Wayne needs to seek professional counseling. The whole world and their granny knows Gotham’s billionaire playboy has issues your parents getting gunned down three inches from your face will have that effect. Still, Bruce’s current form of therapy really isn’t doing the sociopathic socialite any favors.

Batman may think he’s a hero of Arkham Knight yet in reality he’s less of a force for good than George Clooney’s worryingly stiff bat nipples. Just look at how he spends his nights instead of lying down on an expensive shrinks couch talking out his troubles, the Caped Crusader goes around beating up a bunch of aggressive hobos.

His hulking tank of a Batmobile isn’t doing the city any favors either if the armored abomination isn’t crushing some sorry thug skull it’s ripping the roads up at 150 miles an hour real heroes obey the speed limit bats.

That’s all without mentioning poor Jason Todd if it wasn’t for the Dark Knight’s terrible mentoring the troubled sidekick would never have been kidnapped by the Joker. In turn, spurring him the psychological scars that ultimately transform into Gotham’s whiniest evildoer the Arkham knight.

Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay
Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Screens

Villain Protagonist Games 07/09


Bulletstorm Review Count on Steam:- 5,253

If a game primarily involves kicking space mutants, genitals first into cacti it shouldn’t come as a shock that its lead character is no hero. Grayson hunt may swagger around like a sweaty Wolverine cosplayer but beneath all the filthy jokes lies a deeply flawed villainous individual. Bulletstorm often paints Grayson as a cheerfully aloof mercenary every now and then though the mask slips and you get a look at what hunt really is a broken-down drunk who makes with the funnies to disguise his murderous guilt.

An early flashback shows why Grayson is so epically messed up, following a vomit-inducing walk down a skyscraper Hunt and his crew assassinate what they believe is a war criminal. In actual fact, their crooked leader general Serrano has duped them and Grayson has unknowingly killed an innocent journalist who was about to lift the lid on a corrupt military man.

Turns out Hunts dead echo group has actually been bumping off innocents all along. Don’t get distracted thinking about Grayson’s horrible crimes, a guy who begins his game booting someone out of an airlock into the uncaring bleakness of space isn’t a good dude what a shocker.

Bulletstorm Gameplay
Bulletstorm Gameplay Screens

Villain Protagonist Games 08/09

Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line Review Count on Steam:- 45,365

Captain Walker is not your typical Nolan North hero. Sure, he has the same impeccable jawline many of the voice actors other leading men are blessed with but underneath that chiseled facade, all is not well. Inspired by Joseph Conrad’s novella heart of darkness SpecOps follows a story of captain walker’s quest to infiltrate a sandstorm ravaged city of Dubai as he tries to find his AWOL former mentor Colonel Conrad.

Throughout the game, you repeatedly told tales about Conrad’s unhinged state of mind, and as Walker and his squad engage in ever bloodier firefights with the Colonel’s hospital in the three-man unit resort to increasingly questionable measures. By questionable measures we mean bombing the soldiers to hell with white phosphorus and by soldiers we actually mean some soldiers but mainly innocent civilians who were accidentally incinerated in the crossfire.

By the time Walker eventually reaches Conrad’s penthouse (which happens to house gaming’s most opulent aquarium), he’s broken morally bankrupt shell of himself. Oh, and did we mention Conrad has actually been dead for weeks the version you’ve been having a nice chin work with is actually a hallucination a by-product of the dissociative disorder walk has developed over the course of the game as a way to rationalize all the atrocities he’s committed.

Spec Ops The Line Gameplay
Spec Ops The Line Gameplay Screens

Villain Protagonist Games 09/09

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review Count on Steam:- 6,357

Robert Carlyle’s soothing Scottish tones sure are effective at throwing people off the scent of evil. Thanks to the Trainspotting actoress enchanting Highland Brogue you’d never suspect dreamy Gabriel Belmont is anything but an earnest incorruptible night while playing through Castlevania lords of shadows.

Well, not until you reach the post-credits epilogue. For the first 99% of Konami’s hack and slash reboot Belmont is a good albeit grieving man. As he hunts down the powerful Lords of shadow in order to stop Satan and bring back his dead wife Gabe’s actions are almost always honorable. Slapping pesky monsters about, teaming up with badass horses at the pack some werewolves off cliffs like Calluna Living Lemmings, getting into airborne scraps worthy of Dragon Balls Z with the devil these are the actions of a true hero.

There’s just no looking pasture final 1% of lords of shadow though during one of the coolest twists ever it’s revealed that not only has the action jumped ahead centuries but Gabriel is now a vamp living in Castlevania city circuit 2057. Belmont isn’t any old comment bloodsucker either he’s only gone and become Dracula in the thousand years at seemingly past during the end credits.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Gameplay
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Gameplay Screens


Which villain’s protagonist PC game has the best plot twist?

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows has the best not anticipated plot twist as a villain protagonist game.

Which is the best offline villain protagonist PC game?

The best offline villain protagonist game is Batman: Arkham Knight. Although, most of us consider him a superhero but, all the smashing and damaging of the public property make him more fit as a villain protagonist.


I hope that you have selected your next villain protagonist game and you are ready for some energized gameplay having blasts and damaging everything around. If you have any questions regarding anything related to the topic please ask in the comment box below.

Thank You.

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