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The Best Ultimate God of War All Parts Story

God of War All Parts Story – Everything you want to know

God of War Summary of All parts: This is the God of War shotgun summary of the full game series. It is made so that you can a gist of the game series.

If you are new to the God of War franchise then this is the best place for you to get a summary of God of War all parts. We will cover the full story from the birth of the main character to all his accomplishments.  Let’s Begin!!

The starting

At the Dawn of times, the primordials created the Earth and the spirits that flow through it. The primordials were the first Gods and Titans in existence and their constant battling eventually creates the first celestial war.

Do the gods create the furries?! Oh no that’s the FURIES!! who fights against the titans and overwhelms them. Gods force titans to work as their slaves.

The gods take their place on Mount Olympus as rulers of the material and spiritual realms. Zeus becomes their leader.

Is God of War 5 releasing in 2020?

“God of War 5” or whatever the official title becomes, the director Cory Barlog hinted that the nest God of War part will not take 5 years to develop, which means it’ll come before 2022.

Who is the director of the God of War series?

Cory Barlog is the director of the God of War series. Carl Barlog is hinting that the new part will release around 2021, although it may come in 2022 also. He hasn’t specifically said anything.

God of War All Parts Story: Kratos

Best Ultimate God of War All Parts Story

Centuries passed… gods create mankind to enjoy themselves. Zeus impregnates the Spartan woman Calisto. She bears two sons i.e. Deimos and Kratos. Fearing an ancient prophecy that one of his children will usurp the throne, Zeus kidnaps Deimos!! (What a B**ch).

Kratos grows up, gets married, has a kid, and becomes a fierce Spartan army leader. In an attempt to defeat the evil barbarian king, Kratos makes a blood oath with the God of War, Ares, to gain his support and win the battle.

Ares agrees, Kratos defeats the barbarian king and continues serving the gods but Ares transports Kratos’s family to a village while Kratos’s army is destroying it and Kratos accidentally murders his own family.

Dick Move!!!

God of War All Parts Story: Kratos v/s Gods

Best Ultimate God of War All Parts Story

Kratos breaks the promise (blood oath) with Ares and vows his revenge (to kill Ares). Furies capture him and imprison him for breaking the oath. But that’s not enough for Kratos to stop him from killing Ares, he breaks free and sets off on his journey to kill Ares.

Kratos serves the Olympian gods for ten years hoping to gain their support for his overtaking of Ares. He is tasked with finding the missing Sun God Helios he travels to the underworld to retrieve him, succeeds, and wins the favor of the goddess Athena. She tells him to use the power of Pandora’s box to defeat Ares.

Kratos discovers Pandora’s box effectively becomes a deity, kills Ares, and becomes the new God of War through the help of Athena. Kratos decides to set off to find his lost brother Demos, finds him in prison for decades but loses him to the God Thanatos.

God of War All Parts Story: Kratos betrayed again!

Best Ultimate God of War All Parts Story

Kratos kills Thanatos and vows revenge on the gods again Kratos leads an all-out assault on Greece and attracts the attention of the gods. Zeus offers Kratos one last chance to serve them but Kratos declines.

Zeus murders him and sends him to the underworld. Kratos travels to the underworld preparing to murder Zeus, he kills the sisters of fate and uses their loom of fate to travel back in time and STOP Zeus from murdering him. Kratos attempts to kill Zeus but Athena intervenes and sacrifices herself.

Zues escapes LIKE A BI**H!!!

Kratos joined Titans

Best Ultimate Story

Kratos uses the loom of fate to travel back in time and manages to recruit the Titans before they are defeated by the gods. He brings them to the present time and they travel to Mount Olympus.

Kratos leads the Titans in an all-out assault on Mount Olympus During the battle earth is basically destroyed by flood and plagues. Kratos kills the gods one by one eventually killing Zeus by PUNCHING HIM TO DEATH!!!

In the last act to redeem himself for all of his crimes. Kratos attempts suicide to give hope to the remaining survivors of Earth. However, it would appear that Kratos survived his own attack.

God of War 5 Trailer | Teaser

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