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Assassin’s Creed Origins Walkthrough: The Best Meticulous Guide

Assassin’s Creed Origins Walkthrough: This franchise looks to re-vitalize the story we all held so dear. They are trying to give it a new burst of life. I’m sure there are people out there who haven’t played the previous games or have just forgotten some details. So for those peoples is this Assassin’s Creed Origins walkthrough.

Well, don’t worry folks we have got your back. After reading this article you’ll be able to go into Assassin’s Creed Origins understanding the story in its entirety. So without further ado let’s start this and go over the events that led up to Assassin’s creed origins.

Let’s start with our Assassin’s Creed Origins Walkthrough:-

The birth of Desmond

Assassin's Creed Origins Walkthrough
Desmond Miles

We are going to start off our story on March 13, 1987, this is the date that the catalyst for our story “Desmond Miles” was born. He was born in a place called the farm within the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Here’s a snippet of dialogues from the Assassin’s Creed Origins game itself. “The farm, yeah they called it the farm my parents two dozen couples some kids a community hidden away. The farm wasn’t much of one proper farm, we grew some food. I don’t remember any animals though maybe a few dogs. Ever since I was young they never stop saying it you are an assassin and this is our cream”.

Desmond is raise by his mother and father, his father being William Myles. He is told that he is an assassin. All the people on the farm were apparently an order that had span thousands of years.

He and other children are trained to hone their stealth skills, their fighting skills, their perceptive skills. They are said to use their environment to their advantage with things like climbing.

The community was tight-knit but as Desmond got older he started questioning things. People were telling him, conspiracy theories about a pharmaceutical company known as Abstergo. This couldn’t possibly be true his parents and everyone in this off-the-grid town were insane Desmond had to get away.

Is Assassin’s Creed origins a true story?

Assassin’s Creed Origins is an attempt to create a believable world based on historical Egypt in the first century BCE. But while the game is strong on visual realism, there’s one area where it diverges badly from historical accuracy: its portrayal of Cleopatra.

Is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey a sequel to Assassin’s Creed Origins?

Interestingly, however, despite a gap of two years between Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Assassin’s Creed Origins, Odyssey is tipped for a 2018 release date. According to Kotaku, Odyssey will be released before the end of Ubisoft’s next financial year ending on May 31, 2019.

March 13th, 2003 the day of Desmond’s 16th birthday. Desmond didn’t want to be used to work on his father’s goals which he thought were just insane.

He used the minimal skills he’d learned from his time being trained at the farm and escaped. He managed to find his way from South Dakota to New York City. Here he quickly became a bartender at a club called bad weather.

Assassin's Creed Origins Walkthrough
Assassin’s  Creed: Desmond Miles (Bartender)

The Abstergo Industries

Two years later in 2005 another of William miles pupils, Lucie Stillman had her tries to the assassins cut in order to infiltrate the Abstergo industries the pharmaceutical company I mentioned earlier.

The Abstergo Industries

She was contacted by a man by the name of Warren Vidic who took interest in her ability for cognitive neuroscience she became Vidick’s assistant on a project called animus a project hidden deep within Abstergo industries.

In 2007 a man named Clay Cosmic began his training under William miles for the assassin order four years, later clay was abducted by the lineage discovery and acquisition department of obstinacy. He became the 16th subject in the Animus project.

Now we move on to 2012 now this is where everything just kicks up again August 8, 2012, clay cosmic was found dead in his cell at Abstergo industries.

Assassin’s Creed Origins The Abstergo Industries
Assassin’s Creed Origins The Abstergo Industries

He cut himself (not to kill himself but to write a message) and used the blood to write messages all over the walls of the Abstergo laboratory which he was held in later on September 1st, 2012.

Diving First time into Memories

Desmond Miles was kidnapped by the same men who killed clay, he’s knocked unconscious and transported to an Abstergo facility somewhere in Rome.

It’s been nine years since Desmond escaped from the farm and all this is coming back to haunt him now, why? The next thing Desmond sees is fuzzy it’s hard to make out everything is flashing and there are two voices in his head.

Subject 16 (Clay)

Voices he can’t quite pinpoint in the world around him. He can see a large castle looks ancient everything goes white for a moment, and he can see new things in a marketplace.

There’s a fountain Desmond can’t quite figure out what’s going on and he thinks he’s losing his mind just as the panic sets in he’s brought back to reality.

Desmond springs up to sees in a lab he’s introduced to the people around him clearly some kind of scientists wearing lab coats they are Warren Vidic and Lucy Stillman.

Desmond has been brought onto the Animus project as subject 17 there is no way for Desmond to escape, all he can do is play along with the Animus project.

Warren: “You’re inside the Animus, it’s a projector that renders genetic memories in three dimensions what is a memory, Mr. Miles”.

Desmond: “It’s the recollection of a past event”.

Warren: “Specific to the individual remembering the event”.

Desmond: “Yeah sure”.

Warren: “And what if I told you that the human body not only housed an individual’s memory but the memories of his ancestors as well. Genetic memory if you will migrate, hibernation, reproduction, how do animals know when and where to go? What to do?”.

Desmond: “That’s just animal instinct”.

Warren: “Now you’re arguing semantics Mr. Miles, whatever you call it the fact remains these creatures hold knowledge absent the requisite first-hand experience. I’ve spent the past thirty years trying to understand, why?

I discovered something most fascinating, our DNA functions as an archive it contains not only genetic instructions passed down from previous generations but memories as well, the memories of our ancestors”.

Desmond: “And the Animus lets you decode and read these DNA files”.

Warren: “Precisely”.

Assassin's Creed Origins Walkthrough
Warren Vidic

Desmond is forced to relive the memories of one of his ancestors who lived nearly 1,000 years ago. “Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad” an assassin engaged in a war with a rival order known as the Templars, who want to control mankind.

Desmond is exploring Altaïr’s memories in order to locate something known as “the apple of Eden”. It is an artifact left behind by a precursor race named “the Sioux”, and it allows the control of men’s minds (of course of the week).

Here at Abstergo he overhears conversations, pickpockets password keys, and gets closer with Lucy Stillman. Learning that she is in fact an assassin on the inside she also explains that Abstergo is the modern-day front for the Templars maybe she’s his key to escaping.

Escaping from Abstergo

On September 8 Desmond completes the memory that Abstergo was trying to access within Altair’s DNA. The memory details the location of various pieces of Eden all across the globe when exiting the animus this time he gained enough synchronization with his ancestor to access an ability called “eagle vision”.

It’s a sixth sense which was used by Altair and is accessible to all humans, although some with high precursor DNA access it easily. Or if you’ve been exposed to the ability within the animus which is the case with Desmond while using eagle vision Desmond Is able to see the blood marks all over the building by Clay subject 16.

Assassin's Creed Origins Walkthrough
Clay Wall

The origins of this were unknown to Desmond he followed it to his room in which there was plenty of blood markings all over the room somewhat took Desmond’s breath away before he could even begin to analyze what he discovered.

Lucy burst into the room which entirely grabs Desmond’s attention she leads Desmond out of his room. She was helping him escape from Abstergo’s building. She asks him one more time to enter the animus so she could collect data for another of his ancestors which they could need later “Ezio Auditore da Firenze”.

Desmond and Lucy fight their way through the Abstergo facility to eventually reach the parking lot in which Lucy forces Desmond into the trunk for whatever reason, and they proceed to drive from Rome probably to somewhere in France although it could be Rome, We are not entirely certain they never actually state that.

When arriving at their hideout Lucy explains that they need to train Desmond by using something known as the bleeding effect.

The New Assassin’s

Desmond teams up with this band of assassins embracing his heritage to take the fight to the Templars he enters the Armas 2.0. After being equated with Shawn Hastings and Rebecca crane he spends a good few days sifting through the memories of Ezio Auditore his ancestor from the Italian Renaissance.

Assassin's Creed Origins Walkthrough
Lucy Stillman

While in the Animas Desmond comes across several little blips within the simulation they end up being symbols the same symbols which Desmond saw written in blood by subject 16.

They conclude that 16 has left his consciousness within the Abstergo memory core which Lucy took from Abstergo by finding all of these symbols and completing puzzles Desmond unlocks the truth.

In one of the clay’s animus sessions, it depicts two people running through an advanced city to the top of the building with Apple in hand these two people were Adam and Eve.

They led the rebellion against the Isu around 70,000 years ago within Ezio’s memories, they find what is known as the vault an ancient place said to house great power when Ezio enters.

However, there is no great power just a message from one of the Isu themselves addressing Desmond Miles through Ezio this woman called Minerva speaks of temples that have similar knowledge and tells Desmond to find them.

NOTE: These temples are never mentioned again we are going to assume they’ve realized that finding a bunch of temples was far too difficult and drawn-out to tell us a story so instead, they made it one grand temple Desmond had to find with other mini temples just housing pieces of Eden.

Minerva also spoke of a terrible catastrophe that affected the Isu seventy thousand years ago an extinction-level event that wiped out their kind and many others on the planet.

An event which was set to reoccur on, yes you guessed it, and even if you didn’t guess it you won’t be shocked when we’ll reveal it, December 21st, 2012.

With the message delivered Desmond is pulled out of the animus because the Templars are here, Vidiq has come to get Desmond and take him back to Abstergo.

Desmond uses his newfound skills to fight the incoming waves of Templar agents and make his way to Vidic. however, Vidic is already in the truck ready to escape.

With no time to lose Desmond and the gang head to their truck to find another hideout, they can’t cross the border due to Abstergo’s guards patrolling. So they have to detour to the next place so that they can pull up at the outer door of a villa in order to set up shop underneath with hopes that Abstergo won’t find them.

They head underground to set up with Jasmine’s bleeding effect getting worse, and worse is able to see Ezio without being in the Animus once they make it to the sanctuary they spot a triangle on the wall.

Desmond Miles and the Apple of Eden

Once Desmond uses Eagle vision he can see numbers written underneath, 14 19 14 20, and 14 21 without any answers the gang head downstairs to get the animus set up.

This time Desmond is entering back into Ezio’s memories to locate the Apple so the assassins have a one-up against the Templars within the animus there are more strange symbols left by 16.

After sifting through more and more memories of Ezio they locate the Apple it’s below the Colosseum the only issue is they need a password.

After once again using eagle vision on the triangle symbol Shawn puts together a theory as to what it means.

Shawn: “In the Tetragrammaton the 72 names of God you see they’re all contained within three verses Exodus 19 through 21 and get this you’ll like this if you arrange the four Hebrew letters in God’s name within an equilateral triangle their numerical values add up to the same number 72 & construction on the Colosseum began in the year 72 I think we have our password”.

The gang now heads to Rome to find the temple housing the Apple after making his way through the tombs of ruins Desmond joins back up with the team.

They find themselves in an actual first Civilization temple perhaps the ones that Minerva mentioned they make their way through the temple to find a big open space with Apple directly in the center.

A few climbing puzzles later and the Apple is there. Desmond moves closer, symbols spray from the Apple and as Desmond touches the apple everything freezes.

Desmond can’t move, and neither can anyone in the room, Desmond turns and begins walking towards Lucy. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

At that moment the Apple shows him the truth, shows him what was going to happen “I killed her you know I killed Lucy, it was the Apple, son it was Juno I saw what she was, what would happen if I let her live. I could have stopped myself, I mean there was a force there but I didn’t have to, I chose Desmond! Lucy was going to betray us and take Apple back to Abstergo.

Assassin's Creed Origins Walkthrough
Desmond and Clay

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: The Past

Desmond is now deep in a coma caused by the Apple a the cognitive process is set up by Rebecca to keep him stable within the Animus he was in the coma for around 20 days.

Within the plane of the animus referred to as Animus Island he meets subject 16 in-person Harry tells Desmond what he needs to do to find a sink Nexus there are too many conflicting memories in Desmond’s mind who needs to complete the memories of Ezio.

So he can go back to his body this is exactly what he does. Desmond relives Ezio’s memories to the full extent until there’s nothing left to show him when he finally reaches his sink. There Nexus the Isu known as Jupiter gives Desmond another message.

Desmond opened his eyes to see his father along with Shawn and Rebecca. Desmond hadn’t seen his father for nine years although it was definitely relieved to see him there.

They’d arrived at the grand temple spoken about by Jupiter there was no time to lose they had to enter the grand temple to see what secrets it held. With the Apple in hand, the Desmond opened the door and they went inside a large door.

Before them on the ground was a small cube. Desmond placed the Kuban and opening this appeared to be a power source which would power certain areas of the temple. Desmond needed to find them all if he was ever to progress along with a certain key, which would open the door.

To find the key Desmond need to shift through the memories of another ancestor Connor Kenway. Desmond would live through Connors life looking for the key while every so often being taken out of the Animus to Search for another power source.

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: The Past (Part II)

One time in Manhattan where he encountered Daniel crosses an Ex-Assassin now working for the Templars. Another time Desmond went to Brazil where he was again intercepted by Daniel Cross.

Each of these times Desmond bested Cross and took the power source back to the temple. Every time he have been used in another power source, he’d find a message or two from Juno. Juno was another first SIV who’d been guiding Desmond since Rome.

After power source was found in Cairo, William Myles offered to go and find it. A few days later the team received a message from Warren Vidiq that he has captured William.

For some reason taking him to the Rome facility where Desmond has first abducted it really makes no sense for him to be taken to Rome.

Desmond Dead

Desmond heads to the Rome facility with the apple. He takes out Cross in the process and meets with Vidiq. Desmond extends his arm with the Apple as if to be handing it over, when he activates it.

All the men in the room killed themselves except for one who Desmond influences to shoot FIDIC, with his father free and Vidiq dead they head back to the ground temple to finish their work.

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: The Temple

Desmond locates the key within Connors memories, and then find it and use it to unlock the door within the ground temple.

Once they entered they find Juno has been imprisoned within the temple touching the pedestal which is their only hope of saving the world. They also find that Juno has very very evil intentions.

Desmond is given an ultimatum by Juno or Minerva who give Desmond two options. Either let the world be consumed by fire and destruction like it did 70,000 years ago to keep Juno imprisoned in the temple or save the world by using the EYE which will in turn free Juno who wishes to enslave the human race.

Desmond chooses to use the pedestal to save the world, insisting that although Juno may have plans for the destruction they will find a way to stop her.

With there being no hope in the alternative Desmond says his final goodbyes to his father and friends and touches the pedestal. His DNA communes with it putting a protective barrier around the planet, however releasing Juno into the world.

Around fifteen hours later Desmond’s body is found by Abstergo. His body is bagged up and taken to Abstergo for research. Abstergo dissect Desmond’s body essentially rendering it just bits and pieces in order to take his DNA so that other people may relive his memories as they contained valuable information.

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: Aftermath

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: Aftermath (Part I)

Following the plan, Abstergo set up a new division known as Abstergo Entertainment. It uses an animus tank alongside Desmond Miles and many others DNA in order to produce video games made from real historical events.

Game center

The money brought in from selling these video games allows for much more profit. This money goes to funding projects and Abstergo Industries Banks. A member of the assassins received William Miles codex after Desmond’s death which detailed all of Williams knowledge.

It also named Gavin banks the new mentor of the Brotherhood. In late 2013 a new employee at Abstergo Entertainment was tasked with sifting through the memories of Edward Kenway.

Upon the samples 17th the floor of Abstergo entertainments Montreal studio the employee was in search of something called the Observatory. An IT technician by the name of John Standish who worked with this employee in order to get information from within Abstergo to the assassins turned out to be a sage.

He was an incarnation of Juno’s husband, which Juno implanted within the human genome around 70,000 years ago. This means that any human has the potential to randomly have the memories of him which Juno wants to try and sequence in order to bring back her husband John.

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: Aftermath (Part II)

Standish was cornered to a point, which he killed himself with a gunshot on the head. His body was taken to the Paris research facility of Abstergo industries for Dr. Gramatica to conduct research, for what is known as the Phoenix project.

A project designed to sequence a precursor genome to explore their memories and potentially bring them back at some point. I’ll also add the Johan Eat so burke who was the top of his game at the Abstergo training program in 2012.

We’ve made head of the sigma team who was an elite team of Templar operatives. The crew of the Altai air 2 met with a woman called Galina Verona who was a member of the Assassin’s cell near Moscow.

Her cellars lost their minds due to the bleeding effect from the Animus. She had the full support of Voltaire two’s crew, who helped her track down and eliminate the remaining members of her cell. As they have become deranged and dangerous.

These people included her mother and sister her mother was hooked up to an Animus connected to Juno Jehan. They carried out many expeditions in this time. One to Germany to search for the aunt of Isis, he found it to be a dead-end and so set out for Cuba.

He led an expedition to Jamaica to look for the observatory seen in Edward Kenway’s memories. He found after days of digging that there was a collapse in the temple, within the 18th century. It appears to be purposefully hidden by the assassins.

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: Aftermath (Part III)

Not much happened for a little while but towards the end of 2014 a team of assassins led by Gavin banks infiltrated the Paris, the research facility of Abstergo industries. They destroyed the research lab also destroying John Standish his body along with the first shroud of Eden which also happened to house the consciousness of an Isu named Consus who was the one to create many of these pieces of Eden.

The helix servers, a new system from Abstergo essentially acting as a cloud database for DNA memories was hit by a virus. Violet Decosta was tasked with fixing this.

Johan later joined who tasked a research analysis with delving into the memories of Shay Patrick Cormac as he believed them valuable to the Templars.

Shay was an assassin from the 18th century who went rogue and slaughtered many of the assassin Brotherhood also Berg sent footage of Shane murdering many of his former comrades to the assassins. It’s also worth mentioning that around this time we found out the William miles actually rejoined the assassins as the mentor.

Gavin banks is no longer the mentor and William miles has taken back up his place as the mentor of the Brotherhood. On the assassins side Shaun Hastings and a woman known as Bishop, with the aid of a new helix initiative enlists the help of a so-called initial to his playing these video games to locate a sage named Francois Thomas for Abstergo.

It was done by reliving the memories of an evicted Dorian it turns out that the sage has been decayed in his bones hidden within the catacombs of Paris for centuries so it doesn’t matter anyway in late 2015.

The Child

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: The Child (Part I)

A child is brought into an obscure clinic in New York City by his mother. When looking at his patrilineal line they discovered that he was the child of Desmond Miles. Not just that he’s also a sage.

This means he’s the son of Desmond Miles but also has the genetics and memories of eye eater somewhere in his DNA which could cause problems down the line. Later on that year Bishop tasks the initio once again with traveling through memories of the Animus.

This time through the memories of twin assassins Jacob and Evie Frye to locate the Shroud of Eden. Once located within the Buckingham palace vault. The assassin sent a team to retrieve it during this assault sigma team also showed up to claim their prize.  

Assassin’s Creed origins walkthrough: The Child (Part II)

Shawn Hastings killed Isabel Arden who was the head of historical research at Abstergo industries. Violet de Coster managed to shoot Rebecca crane causing her to be greatly injured. The Templars took the shroud and the assassins retreated. Violet de Coster handed the shroud over to Alvaro gramática to help him with the Phoenix project.

This was secretly orchestrated by Juna herself. What she’s doing with these different playing pieces we don’t yet know.

Following year in 2016 a criminal by the name of Callum lynch was to be executed. However Abstergo faked his death in order to kidnap him. He wanted to use him for his memories of Iguala Dean, in order to find his apple of Eden.

After finding the Apple Callum managed to escape from Abstergo. Later he join the assassins and then killed the CEO of Abstergo industries Allen reckon.

We hope that you have find this post on Assassin’s Creed Origins walkthrough helpful. Please let us know in the comment box.

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