You are currently viewing 11 Best Rhythm & Music Games For PC | Updated List

11 Best Rhythm & Music Games For PC | Updated List

In search of the best Rhythm & Music-related PC games to play, stop right here. I’ve gathered 11 Best of them for you. These rhythm and music games include various types of gaming modes i.e. multiplayer, single-player, arcade, offline multiplayer, etc. I’ve personally played most of them and trust they are something if they are on the list.

Which is the best rhythm pc game with the best graphics? The best rhythm pc game with the best graphics is certainly Spin Rhythm XD, this game has beautiful contrasting colors with an amazing unique gameplay style which will definitely catch your eye.

Without further wait let’s jump right into our list of 11 Best Rhythm & Music Games for PC.

Best Rhythm & Music Games List

Best Rhythm & Music Games For PC | Player Base

Although all the games in the post are handpicked but still some of you may prefer to play one at a time, and thus this may become hard to choose one from the 11 rhythm and music games. Thus, to make the selection easier I’ve collected the number of player reviews from reliable sources.

This will not give an exact number of players in the respective rhythm games but it will give you an idea of the game’s popularity.

Note:- The numbers are at the time of editing this post, so they can change in the near future.

Rhythm and music games for pc
Best Rhythm & Music Games Player Base

Best Rhythm & Music Games 01/11

Spin Rhythm XD

Spin Rhythm XD Gameplay
Spin Rhythm XD Gameplay Screens

Developed by Indie developer Super Spin it is one of the most exciting titles in the rhythm genre. Especially its gameplay style and background, they really catch my attention. The gameplay includes a rotating wheel/semi-wheel having blue and red tiles which rotate with the buttons.

The main concept of the game is to hit matching color tiles by using buttons and a wheel. It binds in the momentum which is rare for these types of rhythm games except in VR games like Beat Saber, which is our next rhythm & music game title in the list.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 02/11

Beat Saber

Beat Saber Gameplay
Beat Saber Gameplay Screens

Beat Saber is a VR game and this game is a pretty exciting rhythm music game. When you will try it for the first time you may feel overwhelmed by the moves you have to perform. But, once you get accustomed to the playing style then nothing beats Beat Saber.

The gameplay is pretty simple to understand, you will be standing on a VR platform and glowing boxes in red and blue will come towards you with some patterns on them. You have to cut them with the help of your VR sword in the direction of marking. This game uses swords in contrast to shooting tiles, unlike other rhythm games.

These boxes appear according to the beats of the song you have selected so, playing your favorite song makes it more interesting and amazing. There are many youtube videos showcasing players with unparalleled skills, you can also train yourself in the game and make a video worth millions of views, and show your dance moves.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 03/11


Vectronom Gameplay
Vectronom Gameplay Screens

At first, Vectronom seems to be pretty simple all you have to do is go from place A to place B, and that’s it you have cleared the stage. There is no back story or anything but the thing that makes it different is its graphics. When you will look at it first, it will feel like a party is going on with the changing colors and the platform.

In between the changing platforms and graphics, you have to proceed step by step. Its revolutionary graphic design will have you in an absolute trance. Every beat changes the path before you so it becomes challenging, you have to get adapted to the beats and finalize a path before, or else you will fail every time. 

This is one of the best music and rhythm games on the list which is not that complex it’s simple and colorful gameplay will surely hook you.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 04/11

Runner 2

Runner 2 Gameplay
Runner 2 Gameplay Screens

Runner 2 is a little bit different from your classic Rhythm and music-based games. There are no tiles or keys to use as a marker rather you will have gameplay similar to that of Mario. The runner has a great development over its first counterpart the first part of the runner was just the pixelated graphic video game but runner to you can see 3D movements and a much better-improved gaming environment. 

What makes runner 2 so special is the mixability of background music and gameplay notes. For the gameplay, if you have a fast-running character you have to keep him moving forward by Jumping On obstacles or other things. The gameplay is very similar to Mario with great differences in music.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 05/11


MUSYNX Gameplay
MUSYNX Gameplay Screens

Originally it was launched for mobile platforms but seeing its popularity, its creators also made it for PC. They also upgraded it a little bit, the PC version is jam-packed with tracks. It has almost 100 tracks in it from all the major music genres like rock, pop, r&b, etc.

The gameplay of MUSYNX is a little bit different from other Rhythm and music games this if you don’t press the key according to the keynote then it will skip that keynote. In other games whether you press it correctly or not they generally play the song continuously. This could be irritating for some of us but it is a little bit different from other Rhythm and music games.

Keeping this skipping thing aside the gameplay is pretty similar to that of other games. You have to press keys according to the keynotes shown on the screen.  The more accurate and precise you are the higher is your score.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 06/11

Muse Dash

Muse Dash Gameplay
Muse Dash Gameplay Screens

When you will browse this game on the Steam Store then its flashy art style, cute characters, and gameplay screens will definitely catch your eye. In contrast to its flashy art style its gameplay is quite simple you have only two buttons to control one is the attack button and the other is the jump button.

It is basically an action-based rhythm and music PC game. In this, you can play with one of the three characters i.e. Rin, Buro, and Marija, and beat your enemies with the beat of the song. In starting there aren’t many song titles that are open for playing, so you have to unlock them by collecting EXP in gameplay. SO can also unlock collectibles and character skins from the collected EXP.

All the gameplay is pretty competitive but the thing that kept me hooked is its cuteness and flashy gameplay.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 07/11


Thumper Gameplay
Thumper Gameplay Screens

Thumper is one of those rhythm games that appear to be pretty simple but are brutal and dark in reality. It is a horror theme-based rhythm-based PC game, set in a space environment. Thumper has its own soundtrack which is quite eerie at first, it is full of outer space entities.

The gameplay is simple, you have to control only two buttons for everything you see on screen. But, everything depends upon the timing of you pressing these buttons, if you performed everything correctly then this game will easily become one of your favorite Rhythm and music PC game.

Thumper is a very fast-paced game so when you master the moves it easily becomes addictive as it gives a different type of satisfaction. Just play it once and you will feel everything I’m trying to tell you, also leave your thoughts in the game in the comment section below.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 08/11


OSU Gameplay-min
OSU Gameplay Screens

At first, when anyone searches about OSU they will generally see an anime poster with some dot’s and that’s the point where they label it as a web game and don’t look any further. OSU is a free game developed by an Australian developer named Dean Herbert. It is based on a Nintendo Game known as “Osu Tatakae Ounendan” and thus the name OSU.

The gameplay is very simple yet exciting. You have to choose a song and then circles will appear on the screen at random places according to the beat of the music. You have to use the mouse to point the circle and keys to select when the circle flashes, the more accurate you are more points you get.

The sheer number of music titles available for selection is mind-blowing. They also include all of the famous K-Pop music titles and thus it makes OSU one of the best K-Pop Rhythm Games for PC deserving first position.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 09/11

DJMax Respect V

DJMax Respect V Gameplay
DJMax Respect V Gameplay Screens

DJMax Respect V is the latest release in the DJMax series. Released in 2017 by a Korean company named Neo Wiz, this game became a huge no-go for many of the players. First of all, it is an online game, so it requires an internet connection every time.

Second and most important it uses XIGNCODE 3 for anti-cheat measures, for those who don’t know this software installs itself in the registry and keeps track of every file opened in the last 48 hrs when you run the game. In one way it plays with your privacy, so if you are not sure then please don’t go with this game.

Now, for gameplay, this game has mostly Korean music titles of various genres. It has six buttons and an eight-button gameplay style. According to the song you have selected there will be tiles falling on the bottom line and you have to press the corresponding note as the tiles are close to the line. The closer you press them the better is your score.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 10/11

A Dance Of Fire & Ice

A Dance Of Fire & Ice Gameplay
A Dance Of Fire & Ice Gameplay Screens

At first, this game looked very unappealing to me but, after listening to a lot of positive reviews about it I decided to try it out. This game’s control is very simple you have to just control the spinning with your mouse’s click or the assigned button. This game is divided into various worlds and each world has its own sub levels.

Each of these levels’ difficulty keeps on increasing one by one and they help you gain experience gradually. At the end of each world, there is a boss level that tests everything that you have learned in that world so far.

It represents the rhythm and music of PC games in a unique style. It has twists and turns like Z-bend, S-Bend, circles, squares, pentagon, etc. with each increasing level the fun and difficulty both increase. I’ll suggest you definitely try this one.

Best Rhythm & Music Games 11/11

Sequence Storm

Sequence Storm
Sequence Storm Gameplay Screens

Sequence Tomb has single-player gameplay with split-screen as a multiplayer option. It is an Indie racing music and rhythm game that was developed by special magic games LLC. It came out in 2018 and has tons of positive reviews.

Gameplay is very similar to other music and rhythm types of games. You have to press keys according to the tiles shown on the screen and as you keep on pressing them in a certain time speed and energy build stuff that can be used in the game.

This game is a little bit slow-paced and a hovering spacecraft is shown on the screen. I didn’t get the use of it because you have to press keys that hovercraft didn’t seem to do any work, it was just hovering here and there.

FAQ On Rhythm PC Games

Which is the best offline music and rhythm game for PC?

The best offline music and rhythm game for PC is Spin Rhythm XD. Its unique gameplay style and vibrant colors will definitely make it in your favorite Rhythm and Music PC Games list.

Is Beat Saber a VR Rhythm and Music game?

Yes, Beat Saber is exclusively a VR rhythm and Music game, it can be played to its full extent using VR players only.

Which is the best Rhythm and Music PC Game to play with friends?

The best Rhythm and Music PC Game to play with friends is Vectronom. It allows multiplayer game mode through screen sharing in offline mode. It also has the best gameplay and trance colors, which makes it stand out from other Rhythm and Music PC Games.


Comment your next Rhythm and Music PC game in the comment box below that you have selected from the list. Also, if you have any doubt regarding the games on the list then comment below I’ll definitely try to solve it.

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